GreenDot Cash Allotment Systems / returned check

418 Merrill Street, Catlin, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 217-427-0078

I received a check stating that I was awarded a 10, 000 cash grant and the 960.59 was to be used to get 500.00 dollars Green dot Money Pack and the test of the money was for me. I would receive the other 9, 040.00 dollars by over nite mail. Well guess what it never happened. What worries me is they have my social security number. Not to mention I had to take a loan out to cove the returned check. My wife and I are both disabled living on a fix income and we are raising or grand-daughter. The last thing we needed was a scam that put us into debit. I will be filing charges against all that is in this scam. Some one had better step up and make this right.

Chancy G Spencer, Jr.


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