Green Motioncar rental practices at luton airport

Hi All,
be very very wary of renting from Green Motion at Luton Airport.Over the Christmas period in 2016, I rented from them for 8 days, fully read through their web site terms and conditions and still got caught by them.

Their terms and conditions state that a proof of address in the form of a hard copy utility bill or bank statement must be presented. I forgot to bring such a copy but offered to print it off the internet right there. This was refused. Their terms & Conditions also state that if such a proof of address is not supplied, the rental could be refused.

This was not given to me as an option. Instead I was told I would have to buy extra insurance. Why does forgetting to bring a proof of address document mean that extra insurance is needed? Nowhere on their website does it state that failure to provide a proof of address document such as a bank statement or utility bill will mean that the customer must purchase additional insurance?

In this instance i was told I had to buy a Risk Reduction Premium (RRP) insurance at a cost of over £250 for my rental period. After much discussion, the sales person stated that I can instead buy the Risk Reduction Plus (RR+) insurance package and charged me £144 for my rental period. I asked this quesiton to the desk person: where does it say that if proof of address is forgotten, the only way to rent the vehicle is to buy extra insurance? What it does say in your Ts & Cs is that vehicle rental could be refused - which is fine, why was i not told that?

A second question i asked was: How is it that the representative was randomly selecting different insurance packages? Obviously selling extra insurance is a hugely profitable business so he was just randomly deciding which option to offer me. How does buying extra insurance negate the need to have a valid proof of address? Suddenly, if the customer buys extra insurance, the proof of address is not needed?

I never received a satisfactory answer to these questions. Second point: After signing all paperwork inside the Luton office, i was walked to the car and exactly just as I was about to drive off, I was given one more single sheet of paper to sign. This was titled: "Rental Agreement T&Cs Acceptance Form". Right at the bottom of this form, it stated that if the renter incurred any penalty charges, they would be charged a service fee of £84 for each traffic offence - of course in addition to the traffic penalty charge.

Now, I understand that if I commit a traffic offence and get a fine, I have to pay for that - no argument. But on top of that, for their administration time, you are charged £84? And why was that form given to me right as I was about to drive off, why not in the office where i could still have had the option to cancel this whole agreement and walk away because i did not like the Ts&Cs? I was about to drive off, fully committed, and then an agent thrusts the form at me to sign A final insult is that I was given a car that was not deemed roadworthy.

I was driving at 30 MPH on my way back to return the car and one of the rear tyres burst. How can that happen at that speed, on a smooth road surface? The tyre was clearly defective and abused and weak to suffer a failure like that. Then at the office i was charged £120 for a new tyre and a "Damage service fee" of £30.

Adding insult to injury, customer service and the attitude of staff was absolutely atrocious verging on threatening behaviour. Never rent from Green Motion.

The price they advertise and you pay up front will NEVER be the price you end up paying.Go to a reputable company and pay more if you have to - you will have peace of mind.

Jan 17, 2017

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