Green Dot / unethical behaviour

United States

I am Frank Douglas
card # [protected]
b date 04/03/1962 Acct bal$384.10

To whom it may concern I have been trying to get my money from your bank going on a week and a half only to be told I cant, I need to get a new card so new one was ordered. I was told it will arrive in 3 business days which is my second replacement card. Then I get a email stating that some unusual activity which is me calling to find out why my 1st card has not come? Then you ask me to send my ID online which I cant because the when I try to I get and error message saying card number is no good all I want is my money it seems to me you guys don't want me to have it can we plus get this issue resolved as quickly thank you
Frank Douglas
+[protected] I work overseas

Sep 23, 2017

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