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I purchased a $50.00 Wal-Mart visa gift card (greendot)for my granddaughters Christmas. On Christmas morning she called to see the balance and found out is was $1.74. We instantly started a dispute over the phone. About a week later I received a replacement card and called to check the balance, it was still $1.74 so I spoke with a CS rep, using the term loosely. I was told that I needed to e-mail them a copy of the back of the original card and my granddaughters ID. This was done while I was still on the phone and the rep confirm receipt of the e-mail and required documents. I was told that the dispute would be resolved by 01/06/2017. On 01/09/2017 I called to check the balance, still $1.74 and again asked to speak with a rep. Again I was told to e-mail the back of the card and the ID. I explained that it had already been done and after checking the notes saw that it was and told me now that they had the documents they could start the dispute. I waited another week and called again, again the same thing, I asked to speak with a supervisor 8 times before the rep put me on hold and came back to tell me that none were available and she would submit a return call request. I was told I would get the call within 24 hours, nothing. This happened again two days later, again nothing.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Edgewood, NM I called again and insisted I speak with a supervisor, supposedly a person stating they were a supervisor came on the line and again told me to email the docs again, again I explained it had been done at the first of the month. The supervisor said that now that hey had the docs they could start the dispute. I requested that persons supervisor and was told that someone would email me with 24 hours. shocker nothing yet again. I have called a total 8 times since 12/25/2016 and this is still not resolved, so in other words my granddaughter has not had her Christmas but you f_____ing ### have. I called again on 01/26/2017 and this time I was told I had to go to your site and fill out a dispute letter and email it back before the dispute could be resolved. I am posting very negative information about the incompetent and unethical experience I have with this organization on every multimedia site I can find. I have completed the now required dispute letter and submitted it. Not that I expect anything to happen because once again you have your money so why worry about a child Christmas. I am advising everyone to stay way from anything related to the name green dot and if they have the misfortune of using them expect fraudulent use and absolutely no resolution. Am I f___ing tired of all the f-___ing bull ### I have had to deal with trying to get my grand daughter her Christmas, you better believe it. Personally I hope each and everyone of you lying f___ing unethical ### fry in hell.

Jan 31, 2017
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      Feb 16, 2017

    Contact the State of Utah Financial Institution. They regulate Green Dot and I have a case against them for $500!! If we all go after them, maybe Utah will put their scamming behinds out of business!!

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