Green Dotgreen dot service is excellent. representative is questionable

I love my Green Dot card but I cannot stand seeing the face of Steve Harvey as your representative! Unkind individual. Have you read the reviews on him? So what he has TV shows? He's a bafoon who degrades people disquised as humor. This individual should be researched thoroughly. You may reconsider having him as a Rep. He is rude to people. He has kept the mother of his child in poverty after cheating on her. He forced her signature on the divorce papers after having her locked up first for no apparent reason other than he's wealthy and can pay people to do it for him. This is all public knowledge, not heresay or gossip. He just recently fired his staff without warning but had someone else do it for him instead of being a real leader. There is an investigation being launched into the forged signature and people being paid to engage in unscrupulous acts. He was ordered by a judge to take anger management classes but refused to follow those orders, probably because he has money and thinks he is above the law, as usually is the case. This is simply not an individual you want representing a wonderful company like Green Dot. I do not know him personally and don't care to, so I have no vested interest in this individual nor am I writing out of spite. It is more so as a warning. Again, please research what has been happening surrounding his life and decide accordingly. Thank you.

May 16, 2017

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