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Pasadena, CA, United States
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So there was around $215 removed from my account due to god knows what when it was available to me that day and they had no transaction showing on my account for that amount that was being held due to the transaction clearly saying $466 was adjusted by hertz rental car company. That part was fine things happen but when I called over the weekend that this took place I was assured that it would be expedited because he was able to see what I was talking about. So that Monday I started to call in just to see what was being done to fix the issue. Monday was fine I didn't expect anything major to be done but I did want to know if it was at least being looked at. On Tuesday it was a whole different ball game. I called in on my lunch break and was disconnected two times. I then decided to call once I was off work and was placed on a hold only in turn to be hung up on again. I called back two times after that and got a nice representative. My hold time for a supervisor or manager was ridiculous. All in all I am still on hold and had time to write this entire review. Most of the representatives had a mono tone no empathy overall no good customer service skills. Trust me I know I work in a call center and there is no excuse for a disconnect with no return call from anyone. Just wish I could of found a better sercured card to go with. So today I spoke to a manager and he was just as rude. After everything I have now left a voicemail for the mangers manager because the information provided the last two week contradicts each other. Hope to have a resolution soon so I can pay it off and closer the account. I do not recommend there services to anyone. The card it self is cool but the people who work for the company are not well trained and rude and need to undergo retraining.

Oct 25, 2017

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