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locked out of my account

I would like my money back. I've deposited 500£ on two rounds of 250 £ each. First they've never verified my account despite the fact I asked many times. That looked...

golden markets trading

I was pestered frequently, daily and aggressively. I was promised high returns for 'gold membership' which was guaranteed full capital protection should there be trading losses. I was promised that Golden Markets would take any losses for the trading period we agreed. The reason for this was to get my account to a level that would produce high return always increasing the net funds. Trading was done in shares, commodities and forex. Over a short period of time, profits were escalating and I had more than doubled what I had originally invested. I requested to make a substantial withdrawal of profit, leaving more than enough funds in the account to continue trading as before for the remainder of the trading agreement. I started being fobbed off with excuses and promises that the account managers 'would chase it up and get back to me' and the withdrawals were not processed and remained as 'pending' . After a time, I started getting anxious at the lack of action and the fact that I couldn't withdraw my money. I was placated by a promise of quarterly dividends which would be substantial and meant my account was continuing to trade aggressively. I've never received a dividend. When I tried to withdraw money it was always 'pending' waiting for clearance. I had account managers: Luke Adamson, Michael Pearson, Charlie White, Ramon Sanchez and Daniel Wood. Daniel Wood was the last account manager I had interaction with and he had told me the trading platform was being upgraded and there would be no contact for a while. I had his phone number and email address etc etc should I want to get in touch. I explained wanting to close my account and withdraw at the very least, the money that I had initially invested (£40k). Daniel promised he would help me do this with a withdrawal plan and that this could only be done in June 2019 when the company was dealing with dividends and closures. Needless to say I have tried emailing Daniel and address is not recognised. No contact is possible with Golden Markets and I've reported them to Action Fraud and Financial Trading Standards. This interaction with Golden Markets has left me in a financial crisis and had an affect on all aspects of family life. I so wish I hadn't been sucked in by the Dragons Den episode. I have not found anyone yet who may be able to help with the debt recovery.

scam investigation

I deposited 250 GBP into Golden Markets.. My brokers name was Max Klimenko...We we're fine for bout one month, then told me he wasn't allowed to trade with me anymore. I joined in january 2019. I was then sent a text message saying that my remaining money would be traded automatically. Since then I have heard nothing and am unable to log into my account.. I don't know if it's legit or i've just been scammed..

Please could you investigate this for me,

kind regards

Edward Phillips

golden markets bit coin trading

My mother was scammed into investing 500 usd into this scam. Since then I have tried to contact golden markets and we got nothing but phone calls asking for information. All of which was sent in order to withdraw the full ammount deposited to them. This has failed. How best can we approach this and get our money back? My mopther is at a vulnerable age and was prone to scammers talking her into something that she knew nothing about. This shouldnt be allowed.

fake broker

One wouldn't really think much of this, all I really wanted to do was invest and be part of it but the way I was misled by this brokers was terrible, to easily take money from all in the name of investment and when I wanted to make withdrawals every single attempt was fruitless with constant hassle to invest more I really can't say more than I have already said. I would really consider myself to be one of the very few lucky ones as I was able to have my funds recovered from this scam Binary option brokers, although it was through ethical means as far I am concerned but what can I care after how my hard-earned funds where taken from me, these guys are the best in less than 14 days all my funds including bonuses had been recovered and I only paid them 20% after recovery from the broker. If your broker lost your funds trading Binary options, Rex wealth recovery are more than able to get your funds back without any traces, contact them at info

  • Ss
    ssteven09 May 06, 2019

    Hi, if you see these reviews online about a team like this, i dont know what other doubts you can possibly have not to hire this team for fund recovery and other hacking services. Check
    Lodge your complaints for binary/forex scams on, a verified tech group that deal in recovery process with the help of lawyers all over the world to help victims be able to legally recover their funds. This group provide lot of other hacking services which can be checked on their website if thats where you need help. I was able to recover 75% of my funds though, had to use their hacking service for again and wow, what an amazing job they did.- James Carson.
    Thank you abstracttechinc, i could not have been able to recover my funds. i have actually tried lawyers in my country and they could not help, even birman law took my money. With Abstract Tech, i recovered 15000 CAD with my initail deposit. - Olivia Clark
    Worked with Abstracttechinc on my lost company email accounts and my old website database, also had to fix my company credit score and yes, i could not believe what this team can acahieve but yes they did it and a damn good job at that. - Dylan Blacc

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  • Cy
    Cyber Operatives Jan 22, 2020

    Report a scam
    If you've been scammed, there are organizations you should report the scam to.Reporting a scam helps track down and stop scammers. This prevents other people from being scammed.
    You should Protect yourself from further risks, gather all the details of the scam, report the scam to Cyber operatives investigation firm, file a complaint to their website admin for vital recovery assistance

    Protect yourself from further risks
    Before you report a scam, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from things getting worse. check what to do if you ve been scammed.

    Gather all the details of the scam
    Write down the details of your scam. This will help you remember all the important information when you report it. Make sure you include: who you've been in contact with write down names, numbers and addresses if you have them, why you're suspicious, what information you've shared for example, passwords, PINs, or bank details, whether you've paid any money, how you've paid -for example, credit card or bank transfer.

    Report the scam
    Report the scam by contacting CYBER OPERATIVES ONLINE FUND RECOVERY SERVICE FIRM. Once they've got all the information they need, they will proceed with you Cyber Operatives gathers information about scams so they can take legal action against scammers.

    They will decide and analyze after file complaint to their whether to investigate. They would keep contacting you for more information.Depending on what they find, they could prosecute the scammers or stop them operating.And they will keep you updated during recovery investigation and process, they might still use your evidence to take action in the future i can strongly recommend them for any kind of online recovery scam... ADMIN INFO; INFO @ CYBER-OPERATIVES.ORG.

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  • Ne
    Nelson Hector Mar 05, 2020

    I did lose exactly about $37, 000 to a SOLID C F D broker with their website. There are certain mistakes we all wish we had the power to prevent. Sharing my experience on this; Unfortunately for me, I joined the queue of Solid C F D brokerage company. I was approached through a call, convinced they were genuine and Invested all my hard-earned savings with them.
    Look there is so much list of these brokers to avoid. I can only enlighten newbies and brighten up everyone that has fallen for this cheap lies…However, I have been able to recover all the money i lost to solid c f d with the guidance of an orientated Financial Management/Recovery expert from cyber operative firm I'm open to sharing my experience you can also reach out to them at [email protected] cyber-operatives; org they strongly came through for me and dissolved my worries.

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reportedly closed down

Following the reports I received, Golden Market is operated under Tradologic which was owned by the Israeli Gal Barak, who has been arrested recently in Bulgaria as a result of an enforcement action of Austrian, German, and Bulgarian authorities.

After I lost over $530, 000 to them last year, I was looking for ways to retrieve my funds back even partly. CySec didn't help much, all my letter to them vanished and never got an answer. I also sent complaint to Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB); Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP, USA); Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, UK), but none of them took action. I brassed myself up and I remember what my grandma always says "you invest money to get more money" not otherwise. Then I signed up with Finance-Recovery China (for more information- info I came across them while looking for companies that could assist me with retrieving my stolen funds from Golden Markets. I was able to recover a substantial amount to get back on my feet, don't sleep back waiting for handouts and pity. Follow up your funds fellow traders.

  • Ca
    Carol Childs Mar 14, 2019

    In my case, I was scammed in 2017. I sent complaint to Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB); Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP, USA); Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, UK); and Financial Services Commission (VFCS) in Vanuatu. But none of them took action. I’m about to sign up with Finance-Recovery China as well, hope fo their legitimacy and ability to stand on promises. Will let know about results.

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Golden Marketstrading currency

On 16th January 2019, invested 250€ on that same day an investor Sean Carr kept calling me to invest more money, unfortunately I did invest more 5000€. The next day try to whidraw that money but only was able to withdraw 3 times 750€, after that they frozen my account without any notice and I have a loss of 3000€.
Now the website is closed, can not contact them.

trading currency

  • Updated by Mariaribeiro · Mar 05, 2019

    On 16th January saw an advertising on Facebook and deposited 250€ on Golden Markets, later that day an investor named Sean Carr kept calling me to invest more money, unfortunately I did invest more 5000€, regreated immediately and tried to withdraw my money but only was able to withdraw 3 parcels of 750€ each. After that they've frozen my account without any notice, had a loss of 3000€

Golden Marketsunethical behaviour

I have invested an amount of money with Golden Markets, which has disappeared without trace.

I have tried to contact the company without success.

It would now appear that their Web site is no longer available.

These people will pressure you to hand over money. Don't do it, its a scam.

They pressure you to take out shares etc, that loose money and then want additional money to buy back the debit.
I had an Account Manager called Alexis Slate who has not fulfilled her obligations. I was promised training an daily tips which never happened.

The only time I hear anything from them is when they want you to invest more money

  • Updated by Gingerxyz · Mar 05, 2019

    I have been trading with Golden Markets for 3 months now. I first became suspicious when they kept on giving me stock to buy that went on to loose money. They then demanded that I invest more money to buy back the loss. I did this once and then another group of stocks were given to me that again lost money but this time I didn't invest which they were quite vocal about.
    The trading first started with a guy called Vincent Capelli who was very pushy. It then got transferred on to Alexis Slate who also started giving me dead end stock recommendations. which I challenged.
    Yesterday they closed down my account and took all my money. I can no longer access my account.
    They are nothing but a bunch of thieves. Do not use these crooks!!

  • Wa
    Waalter James Mar 05, 2019

    I'm sorry about your loss.

    Sometime last month I was in a similar situation. I invested so much in Golden market after been persuaded severally to do so. I invested over 800usd with them. Weeks went by I tried to get my money out, their site was not available.

    I discussed with my colleague concerning this issue and he recommended a recovery expert to me.
    In less than 48hrs. I received all my funds back into my account.

    These company will never stop until they get all our money from us.

    However, I feel if you send a mail to the Recovery experts recommended to me at securedrecoveryATprotonmailDOTcom.

    I am assured your funds will get back to you.

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  • He
    Helen000 Mar 16, 2019

    @Waalter James Just to let you know FCA and MI5 are investigating these scammers Golden as I write. At last. Hope they all go to jail. The only thing I have not got my money back. Registerswith Action Fraud and FCA. Both on internet. FCA. Is Ferderal Conduct Authority

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I started doing it as i saw the advertisement online and have a good review.they ask to transfer money for them to trade afterwords i wanted to withdraw money from my account they told me i need to pay just to get my money back like taxes ...etc. if its that way y when i transfer to them have no issue its like they giving excuse to scam people.can some one help me resolve this issue

  • Updated by artistic love · Feb 21, 2019

    I ask the broker for withdrawal he say soon but its been one month and didn't get it pls help me resolve this asap!!! Pls contact me through my email: [email protected]

withdrawal problems

I saw an advert regarding "Dragons Den" and when I filled in the info for someone from Golden Markets rang me. They said I could start with as little as $250.00 which I signed up for a few minutes later they rang me back saying they needed my card details again as it did not go through, when I checked my account they had taken out 2 payments totalling $500.00.

Each time I tried to get the profit out they refuse even though I have filled out their compliance. They are not interested in giving you back your money neither your profits. They only want you to give them your hard earned cash.

Pamela Benjamin
1 February 2019

Golden Markets — payment not received

I invested in Golden Markets in October, 2018 the sum of £3250. I was on holiday in December to find that there was no money in the account .The odd part of it all was that the...

golden markets cash withdrawal

I signed up to golden markets on the 22nd December, after signing up I see a lot of bad feedback and decided I wanted to withdraw my money €250 . I've sent various emails and followed the procedures to withdraw the funds but not had anything back . Few days passed and I had a phone call from some guy asking if I was interested in depositing more money to which I told him I just wanted my money back, he was rather pushy and kept asking for my card details to refund the money, no chance I was handing them over . I've spoken to my bank and they've sent me an email which I have to send back to try and claim the money back ... does anyone actually ever get a reply ? I've called them about ten times and no one answers . Terrible !

return of deposit made under duress

I responded to an online advertisement on Facebook, saying that this company was supported by "Dragons Den" as an approved British investment start up company. I was filling the form on online when someone from the company phoned and talked to me continously whilst ensuring the money was taken from my credit card.

I have tried phoning, emailing every day for ten days. I just want my £250 back. I do not want this product /service. I was missold. Richard from their company has now emailed to say I am not covered by UK Law as they are trading distantly online. I have checked UK Law, and this is false information as well.

How can I get my money back without sending them my passport and home identity documents, which would be giving my identity to strangers?

  • Updated by Karen MM · Dec 04, 2018

    I paid £250 for a bit coin trading deposit. I had been online and a man phoned me whilst I was online, checking I was making the deposit. I realised as soon as I put the phone down that this was not the product I thought I was buying, which had been advertised as British, from "The Dragons Den". The man on the phone kept assuring me it was the product advertised, but it was not.

    It has been over ten days now, I have called and emailed. They have now told me I need to provide passport, house bills and copies of both sides of my credit card to get a refund. I quoted the UK Law 14 day cooling off period, but Richard from their company is saying that distance trading is not covered by UK Law.

    How can I get a refund for this missold service please?

  • Updated by Karen MM · Feb 13, 2019

    Thank you everyone. I gave in and gave all my details, and finally got the deposit back. I keep checking my credit reports to make sure my data has not been used for a loan or anything, and seems to be ok. It took months to get the money back. I do now get calls from other Bitcoin companies, but tell them to go away. I feel so sorry for all the innocent people who have lost money, it is terrible. Facebook should vet these ads before they are published. Horrible experience.

  • He
    Helen000 Jan 05, 2019

    Golden Markets are scammers. Keep at them but whatever you do don’t send information nor sign any forms. If you do keep pestering them and as the sum was only 250 you might be successful in getting it back.

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  • Sa
    Sabrina_strolov Jan 23, 2019

    My Dad was a victim of this investment scam both pension and Binary option. I saw him crumble from having so much money to having nothing. It all started with an advert on Face book displaying the UK dragons den team trying to outbid each other to invest with the new UK company dealing in a bitcoin tool known as Golden markets. He lost all his hard earned savings to them and several ones such as HBC broker, Speartrader and Stox Market. He almost lost it If not for a referral from a close friend to the family that introduced us to {http:// www.} we hired the RESCUE DIAL FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY AND They were able to run a forensic check and traced the whole transactions from the scratch. No one should be deprived of her happiness because of such mistakes. Binary option and similar investments is a No go area if you really want an advice from me.

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  • St
    Stephen Grice Mar 13, 2019

    In my case, I lost over £12, 000 in December 2018, I send complaint to Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB); Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP, USA); Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, UK); and Financial Services Commission (VFCS) in Vanuatu. But none of them took action. I'm about to sign up with Wealth Watch Intl (admin Hope for their legitimacy and ability to stand promises.

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return of deposits

I have constantly been sent round in circles by this company, [protected], [protected] and [protected] trying to withdraw my...

golden markets investment scam

They are crooks. Family member recently fell victim to this scam. Usual story, high pressure sales call promising high profits for an investment. Was promised they could withdraw money at any time. Family member is a vulnerable person and was taken advantage of by bullying sales guys asking for them to take out loans etc. They did not know what they were doing at the time.

When they realised what had happened and told family members we tried to withdraw the money but they would not allow it. After some negotiation we managed to get back 75% to date but they are still refusing to pay back the rest.

Every time we try to a sales guy rings back up with aggressive bullying tactics and refuses to authorise the withdrawal. They have tried to get them to take out loans, max out credit cards, and cash in pension.

How are these people still functioning? If we don't get the rest of the money back soon we will be contacting on their behalf Fraud Police, FCA, starting charge back via bank, and also considering taking them to European small claims court.

Probably will not get the rest of the money back but these people need to be exposed and sent to prison. It is outright fraud.

refund of deposit

I deposited £250 into golden markets to open an account with them. I decided almost immediately that this was not something I wanted to do. I contacted my bank who could not recall the monies, even though the funds had not cleared. I emailed several times but I have not received a response. A member of golden markets contacted me via telephone to inform me how the market worked. I told him I wished to remove my deposit...nothing has happened.. He said he would call me back at an agreed time, he did not call at the agreed time but a day late while I was at work and unable to speak to him. Another agreed time was made for us to far no contact!!This company has zero customer service, have now sent several emails and have had no response. Help me get my money back!!

service is a scam!

613435 Invested €500 euros some went up more went down. Can't log in to close and withdraw my investment or what's left of it! Theiving monkeys!!! Have dealt with predominantly a bloke...

amazon stocks and forex

My initial account manager Hugo Spencer encouraged me to invest my pension using a very hard sell to invest in Amazon stocks. He promised to give me tutorials on phone to educate me in trading and that by early 2019 my investment (24k) would hit 100k and I would be able to withdraw 2-4k monthly as of 2019. This was 5 months ago. In the first 5/6 weeks I saw my investment reach 39k and was very happy. Then slowly but surely he stopped calling, didn't reply to any emails, support rarely got back to me. Hugo called weeks later and said it was time to diversify so I had up to 10 open positions around June time. Then out of the blue I no longer could see my Amazon stocks so I called support, emailed Hugo but no answer for weeks . I spoke to a regional manager Charlie Black who promised to see what was going on . Hugo Spencer claimed I had closed my Amazon position...a blatant lie... I wouldn't know how to do this! Meanwhile the positions he had opened has made a massive loss (sugar, Ethereum... etc) So I was left with only 3 Forex pairs. They said they would be in touch to put a recovery package in place. I was contacted by Matthew Alvarez who offered €20k on condition I stomped up 10k...?!!! I don't have that kind of money and he was insistent I borrow from the bank. No way! I am left now with NOTHING Golden Markets are scammers. Hugo Spencer is the worst kind of con man.

  • Is
    isamad Sep 14, 2018

    This is def another scam! i have been a victim of scam brokers before, but luckily for me i was able to get my money back with the help of a recovery expert and certified ethical hacker, you can email him too via [email protected]

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  • Ti
    Timj96 Sep 14, 2018

    Hello, I was once a victim of this form of scam.I lost £100K to Golden Markets.It almost ruined my life.The expert asset recovery company, recovered all my funds for me.Contact [email protected]

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Golden Markets — deposit

I recently had somebody from Golden markets by the name of Ben call after I registered with them. He said after you make your deposit of $250 usd your financial advisor will call...

Goldenmarkets.commoney deposited to open account

I stupidly made a deposit of 650 euros to open an account. I subsequently read some worrying reviews of the company and therefore emailed them asking for my money back as the bank said I had 30 days to do this. (It was 2 days ago). I have had no response to my repeated emails and both the telephone numbers on their website are not receiving calls. The only email I had in response was asking me to verify my account by sending ID, bank details etc... which I am not willing to do.
Please can you advise what I should do?

  • Ne
    Neil McLennan Sep 17, 2018

    Don’t do it!!!
    You may have lost your deposit!
    Keep hounding them!

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withdrawal not being authorised

I have been trying to withdraw funds from my account, when I go online the amount that I am able to withdraw is €325.26 when I actually deposited £685.97, I am concerned and would like back all of my money and to close my account. However I have emailed several times and have been told that someone will ring me but they have not in a number of days! Please can you help recover my money!

my account and the accounts manager

I deposited 5000 pounds with golden markets and was given Luke Adamson as my accounts manager he was always in touch with me asking to up grade my account at one point it reach...

withdrawal of deposit

I was curious about golden markets and they're services and received a phone call on the 10.08.18, the man on the phone assured me that I could withdraw my money at any time and it would be straight into my bank account within 30 seconds. I quickly realised golden markets was not for me and tried to withdraw my deposit. I was told that day that the request would then take 7/10 days to be resolved. I am extremely upset as this is not what I lead to believe and have made phone calls back and fourth. My account manager assured me today that the request was made and the money would be back into my account within 48hours, however a few hours later I receive an email stating the request was declined and I needed to provide information including credit card statements, proof of residency, passport etc. This is totally unnacceptable as I have been lied to on numerous occasions and just want my deposit back. I am at a lost end and don't know what I can do to receive my money back and really need some help.

  • Is
    isamad Aug 15, 2018

    A lot of trading and investment scams nowadays, i was once a victim of one and i was able to get my money back with the help of a recovery expert. You can email him via [email protected] i am very sure he would help you like he has helped other people in similar situations too

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[Resolved] bitcoin trading

Hi, I deposited €250 with Golden Market trading and it has not been working for me. I have tried to withdraw my money and it is impossible to do so. My account manager is not...

[Resolved] golden markets bitcoin trading

Opened an account and bought 1000 XRD/USD on recommendation with the promise of help with trading. My account manger said he would start the next week. Four e-mails and live chat contact later and there has been no response. I have therefore decided to close the position and withdraw funds.
On attempting to withdraw approximately 280 euros - on the withdrawal coupon
it said the withdrawal was restricted to 134 euros with no explanation. This came
up before I actually entered a withdrawal figure. Have tried to phone both my contact and the UK number - I get an engaged tone.
Is it all a scam? and can anyone advise me?

  • Golden Markets / Start Markets's response · Jun 27, 2018

    Dear Alan Wolf

    Thank you for your complaint. We are looking into the matter. These delays in response from all departments are taken very seriously into consideration and are being checked as we have zero tolerance for poor services provided by our agents. For more information about the withdrawable balance please be so kind to contact us at your most earliest to this email [email protected]

    Kind regards, Golden Markets Team

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Po
    Porter Gate Aug 01, 2018

    I can not say that Golden Markets is a scam. I've been working with them for a year now and no problems. Usually, the customer support solves all problems. Maybe your case is some kind of mistake.

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  • Tr
    Tracy McWillis Aug 10, 2018

    @Porter Gate hey Porter!
    please tell me about your experience, and if this is not a problem, send a customer support email.
    I'll be very grateful!

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  • Ga
    Gabriella Wheeler Aug 27, 2018

    Golden Markets is an excellent broker!
    Perhaps some technical problems on the platform, since they have never been seen in scam. I know several people who have worked with them for a long time and all without problems.

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  • Kr
    Kristian Mason Aug 30, 2018

    I have been working with Golden Markets already, quite a long time ago. Looked, in 10 days there will be exactly a year, as I started with them. There were ups and downs, but there are still more ups. There were technical problems, but technical support quickly decides.

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[Resolved] Golden Marketswithdrawal

Hi there my name is jamie warren I went with golden market a cupal of months ago and quickly learned that it wasn't what I thought it was so I try ed to withdraw my money but they refused 3 times so I put in a withdrawal again and spoke to them on the phone and I told them that I wanted my money and thay I didn't won't to do it any more and they wore not happy they hung up on me any way I was told it can take 7 to 10 days to go in my bank account and that was nearly 3 weeks ago iv try ed to contact them but can't get hold of them I don't no what to do its only 217 pounds but to me that's a lot I hope to here from u soon many thanks
Jamie Warren

  • Golden Markets / Start Markets's response · Jun 27, 2018

    Dear Jamie!

    Thank you for your complaint. We are looking into the matter. These delays in response from all departments are taken very seriously into consideration and are being checked as we have zero tolerance for poor services provided by our agents. For more information about the withdrawable balance please be so kind to contact us at your most earliest to this email [email protected]

    Kind regards, Golden Markets Team

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] money stolen from my trade with sugar

loss of the money on an open trade with sugar. On Friday my investment stood at a health 3018 euros. This morning, Monday 15.05.18. my investment had dropped to 2043 euros. I can... — trading

I willingly opened an account and deposited £250.00. Phone calls followed and it seems that initial deposit was to "get me in". I was asked to put more and more money in and Jack...

[Resolved] pending withdrawal request

After investing £40, 000 of my hard earned money into Golden Markets as a new means of trading/revenue for me. I was able to make a few withdrawals from my trading with the...

[Resolved] withdrawal of deposit

I deposited €250 on 26th Jan with Golden Markets I changed my mind and decided that I no longer wanted to trade, I requested to withdraw the next day, on the 27th January. I wa...

[Resolved] was tricked into signing up for something else.

I created an account on a different page. Then once created it took me to their page. I deposited $250.00 then realised it was not what I thought. They then said I cannot be...

[Resolved] forex trading scam

I registered on a website to start doing bit-coin. A lady by the name of Jade contacted me, informing me that she will assist me with the trading of bit-coin. Soon after I...