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I bought a green dot card from rite aid when I got home and tried to activate it, a message said remove the tag and enter the card number I noticed then that the 12th number was partially erased and that it also looked like the film was removed and put back I didn't notice anything wrong with the package though but on the card itself it looked like a card that had been used. I called to activate it but the message repeatedly said remove the tape and enter the card number now and then to enter the security code and then it stated that the card number and security code did not match! Both sets of numbers are on the same card. So you tell me " what's wrong with that picture "
$300.00 (down the drain) I'm going to get it back somehow but I just want you to know...Beware!

Jan 21, 2015
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  • Mr
      Oct 02, 2008
    Green Dot - pre-paid card does not work
    United States

    Ever since I purchased a green dot VISA card on August 28, 2008 I have not been able to use the $200.00 I loaded on to it. Today is October 2, 2008 and I still have not received my VISA cards and I still cannot spend my money because everytime I try to og on-line or purchase something over the phone I am told that the Card or Information is invalid. What a F-----g SCAM!!!

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  • Tw
      Dec 18, 2008

    I wish I had looked online for complaints before purchasing one of these cards...NO ONE FALL FOR THESE CARDS!! they are awful, I recently purchased one for christmas shopping online and got it home to find out even if you register it, no one takes it online. SO i called for assistance, you can not get a live person on the phone, and if you do its only to report it lost or stolen, so i subsequently had the card cancelled, and they sent me a new one, which i recieved but can not use either because the card number is invalid!!! AAHHHHHH...and if we arent broke enough now we are out 200.00, me too...during christmas...thanks alot green dot...for nothing!!!

    P.S. I have reported them to the BBB and the Federal Trade Commision, if for no other reason than to save someone else from this frustration!!

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  • Qe
      Jun 08, 2009

    Write the Better Business Bureau in Georgia. Or file a proper complaint with the Ghost Company in California. Someone asked how to reach a real person on this card. when they come on and ask english or spanish do not press anything. When it asks the nature of your account press 1, then press 2, enter card # then enter zip code. listen to automation and press 3. This company will not cooperate with you to return your money in an orderly fashion. They are not an american company tho the main office is out of California. There is no one in California to talk to. I have had several supervisors hang up on me. To file a proper complaint, write Green Dot Visa, PO Box 1187, Monrovia, Ca, 91017.
    Comments United States Your complaint has been received and routed to the following BBB: BBB of W. Georgia-E. Alabama & S.W. Georgia (Columbus, GA)
    500 12th Street
    Columbus, GA 31901
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Email: [protected]
    Please contact the BBB directly if you have questions about your complaint.

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  • Ka
      Mar 06, 2010

    Did you turn on the card ?

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  • Ca
      May 13, 2011
    Green Dot - money pak
    carl l davis
    105 oakhill dr.
    United States

    money pak purchased on the 5th of may, 2011.card had already been phone calls back, what could possibly take soon long!

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  • Me
      Feb 08, 2012

    I already sent my complaint to the BBB..judging by what i'm seeing from all these complaints im starting loose hope that i will never get my money back from them..this is so messed up i'm going to do all i can to boycott this company.. AMERICANS WORK TO HARD TO HAVE ARE MONEY STOLEN!!!

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  • Ra
      Mar 10, 2012
    Green Dot - money fraud
    ray king
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    received check for 972.22 and was told to return 500.00 for commission, i think this is a fraud, possibly fake check

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  • Gr
      Jan 28, 2015

    Sorry for the experience, please visit for assistance.

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  • Jo
      Mar 14, 2015
    Green Dot - unsolicited card in mail
    green dot
    new york
    United States

    I received an unsolicited card in the mail I never applied for this card --- it seems like identity theft. I called but got the runaround
    they said I must have applied for this card! I don't need a debit card ---- I never would have applied for it!

    Definitely some sort of fraud.

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  •   Mar 15, 2015

    Debit cards are only issued by banks. There needs to be funds available in the account for you to get or use a debit card.

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