Great Sports Inc. / Safer Wholesale / Excessive Delay

Joliet, United States

I paid for a 150CC trike in full with a check on 12/09/14. The sales rep said I probably would not get it by Christmas, but I should be able to have it within a week after. Three weeks after I ordered I was told the trike that I already paid for was not in stock and it would be 6-8 weeks before it was back in stock. They offered me a replacement, which I accepted, another 2 weeks went by before it was finally shipped. No instructions were received with the trike. Assembly of just the wheels, battery and mirrors was a 4 hour process. BTW if your new bike doesn't start, too bad. They only send replacement parts with the warranty, there is no guarantee that it will actually work when you get it. You pay for the repair out of your own pocket, regardless if the bike is brand new or not. I've now had the bike for 2 weeks and still can't ride it because I don't have the title yet, which was mailed last week Thursday. Lesson learned don't buy from a wholesaler. Almost 2 months later and I still don't have transportation.

Jan 30, 2015

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