Grabcar Malaysia / update profile issue


I have been a loyal customer of your company since October; 2016; and I have used your services numerous time, which is verifiable. I was a Platinum member, not until yesterday night when everything changed. I was updating my profile on 24/10/2016, when I was asked to update via, facebook, google, and phone number verification. I chose the phone number verification method, because I wanted to update just my phone number from [protected] to [protected], and the email address: [protected], and my registered name is CHIEF.
The whole thing changed. I was re-registered as a new member, and I am being ask to verify the same email address. My points all wiped off. It is the same phone I am using, just the phone number I wanted to update.
Kindly, restore me back to the position I was before the whole thing happen.

Your Esteem customer.

  • Updated by Chief Bonny, Oct 24, 2017

    Your customer service number is never going through. I have called 1300805858 several time, without success.

Oct 24, 2017

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