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This is to lodge a formal complaint against one of your Grab Car drivers:
• The name of the driver is Rosauro Jusay Sanchez and he is driving a Chevrolet Sonic with plate number ABQ4497.
• Please check booking ID no for your details: IOS-[protected]
• I booked the service at 7:37am, today March 13, 2017 going to the First Pacific Leadership Academy in Antipolo, roughly 12 kms. away from my home. Waze says that the trip will take only 30-35 mins.
• The confirmation came at 7:37 am with a notification that the vehicle is 7 mins away from my home. I texted Mr. Sanchez for the details and even made 2 calls to give him specific instructions. Because I am seeing where the car was on my tracker I gave him step by step instructions and even went out of the house to already look for him – to make it easy for him to find me.
• He arrived almost 8am, obviously more than 7 mins than the time indicated on the tracker. We exited the village and I requested him to speed up a bit as I was telling him I will be late for my 830am meeting.
• On my 2nd or 3rd request for him to speed up because at the rate we were going, we will likely arrive quarter before 9am or even later.
• It was at that moment that he said he will not service me. He said he doesn’t want to be rushed. I told him he should have told me that in the first place because I was already giving him instructions to find our home by calling him twice. it was already an indication that I already needed the service. He said that I should have booked earlier. I told him I booked 730 and his 7 mins was not 7 mins. In fact it was more than 15.
• I told him to bring me home and I will just wait for my driver. He cannot bring me home since the more proximate gate to my house is exclusive for cars with stickers only. I asked him to pull over, and the rude driver did not offer to bring me home even if he was already going to pass the gate for non-residents. At that moment I decided to get off the car, and because I was very upset I admit to having banged the door behind me.
• This is one of the few occasions when I needed Grab either because my driver is not yet available – or like in this case, 2 of our 3 cars are color coded and my driver hasn’t arrived yet after bringing the kids to their condos.

I hope that this situation will be dealt with accordingly. You don’t need a car driver like Mr. Rosauro Jusay Sanchez. Very rude, very slow and very inefficient.

I hope to receive your feedback on the action that you are taking on this matter.

Thank you very much!

Vivian Cheong

GrabCar / GrabTaxi
GrabCar / GrabTaxi
GrabCar / GrabTaxi

Mar 13, 2017

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