GrabCar / GrabTaxi / rude driver


The driver was so incredibly rude, me and my toddlers waited too long..Then he texted me" no signal" so i called him & advise him our location, he's kinda arrogant at first asking me what is the name of the front of us and I said wait ill ask but he hang up the phone w/out saying anything...I called him again and I said why did u hang up the phone he said that he has incoming call I said you were talking to me and just have another incoming you'll just drop my call?then immediately he drop again my call, 3rd time I call and said"kindly advise your location and why did you hang up twice he said "im on my way" then drop my call that's it, we patiently waited for him coz' it's pouring I know the traffic/floods but come on, we are the customer/passenger he must deal with us first before taking other calls and he doesn't have to be rude to drop/hang my call just like that, he should explain to me instead he repeated it thrice...- Driver: Adrian Madali Tungpalan Jr.- VZ3126

Nov 23, 2018

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