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Singapore, Singapore

Driver: ong chee ming
Transcab shb7732u

I am 25 weeks pregnant. I booked as per details below. We all know that the address is automatic based on gps. I made sure that he will be at the right place and added in the remarks to driver section that we are at the taxi stand in front of kfc/siengsiong. Instead, it turned out the the driver went to the block carpark. I tried to call him when i was alerted that the driver has arrived but he was nowhere
To be found. Then he call me and i told him where we are..

When he arrived and i got in, instead of apologizing, he started arguing with me that the address i put was wrong. I told him that's why i clearly stated in the remarks that we are at the taxi stand. He still kept arguing and told me he did not see the remarks. He told me i should have called and tell him where we were at the beginning! I told him we we're expecting him to read the remarks, what's the purpose of the remarks section?!?! He still arguing that the remarks are too small, cannot see, he's too old.

I ended up giving up as i'm already feeling stressed and i know it's bad for my baby!!! He can always adjust the size of the display!!!

I hope grab will instruct all drivers the features of the app.

May 19, 2017

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