GrabCar / GrabTaxi / grabcar driver physically assaulted me

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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ON 27th Jan, around 4.49 pm, I booked a grab car economy through the app, from Q sentral, Jalan stesen sentral 2 to Lucky Garden Bangsar, A driver named Elvinorahmi Bin Masnel h/p [protected]/[protected] was assigned to pick me u . His car no. WB 7954W- Perodua Axia. He called me around 4.55 om and said he is 5 min away from the pick/drop zone of the building and asked me walk towards the pick up point .

Then around 5pm he called again and I said I am walking down and will be there in 1 min . He started shouting saying he is already there and then hung up. When I reached the pick up zone, I didnot see his car, so I called on his number to check. While it was still ringing, I saw his car entering the pick up zone . I got into the car, and I said, You were not even here, why were you shouting ? To that he said angrily, I was here ! I told him " I just saw you entering, why are you lying ?" To that he started souting and said, dont make me angry I will throw you out of the car ! I said you cannot talk to me like that, I will call the police ! I took out the phone to look for the number, he hit me on my hand and the phone fell in the car . I picked the phone up and wanted to turn on the video to record . He started abusing in Malay, and said get down of my car, or I will throw you out ! I said, you cannt do this, You have to drop me and then I wil complain to Grab ! To my surprise, he suddenly came out of the driver's seat, opened the back seat ( left where I was sitting ) pulled my hand and pushed me on the sidewalk, threw my phone and the front screen broke ! He then picked up my laptop bag from the car seat and banged it on the ground .

I somehow managed to capture some part of it in the video but without his face . Everything happened so quickly that I was totally not prepared. I have reported to the police and police will take action, and I will ensure that he is punished .
I want you to take action immediately . We come here to work and not get assaulted by cab drivers !

Jan 27, 2017

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