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we booked a grabcar at about 12.50pm on 12/05/17. we waited at yoha, 200 jurong avenue 1 for about 20 minutes before the driver called and said he couldn't find us, so we went to the front in attempt to locate him and make it easier for him to find us. after about 15 minutes, the driver called again and asked for our location. we patiently tried to direct him, but he didn't understand what we were saying and hanged up on us. at this point in time, he sounded very pissed off. a short while later, he called us again, saying that he wanted to cancel the booking rudely and said profanities at us before hanging up on us. he then called us again to demand us to "cancel the booking and don't waste my time". i hope that you would look into this and take action against him. before he took up the booking, he would already have our pick up location and there was already a map on his phone to locate where we are. however, he repeatedly called us and spoke to us rudely, which is not the way he should have done it since he was the one who took up our booking. please also keep in mind that we waited for close to an hour for just one grabcar.

GrabCar / GrabTaxi

May 12, 2017

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