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1 Burbank, CA, United States
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This is the worst company ever imaginable. Do not do not use this print company. They will waste your time!!! And they do not care if you are happy!!
The customer service representatives do not have any common sense what so ever!!
Let me start off with saying I understand file formats completely, I understand print, cmky, and everything that has to do with professional print, it was part of my digital media arts education to understand all that. I read the instructions, I made positively sure the file was at the proper 300-350 dpi as well as making it .1 larger. The order was sent in on a monday around 2p. M. I understand that 2 o'clock is late in the day, however if the customer puts a rush order on the order and pays extra money common sense would denote that you should make sure to get back to the customer if anything is wrong with the order asap. This company did not get back to my girlfriend and I until the next day tuesday to tell me that I needed to reupload the file, I don't understand why but I did it anyways. I then checked the file and nothing I repeat nothing was wrong with the file or the format. So this time instead of giving them a. Jpeg file I then gave them the full. Psd file, this is my 2nd attempt to get the file into print. A little bit later I get the same ridiculous email that the file is incorrect and that I need to reupload the file!! First, I upload the file into adobe illustrator do the necessary checks and export out an illustrator file, something I know is very widely used in print. I then send them the adobe illustrator file. This is my 3rd attempt to get the file into production. A little bit later I get the same ridiculous email from the company telling me I need to reupload the file. The pixels per inch never changed they stayed at the necessary 300, nothing changed in the files other than the format that was exported. After the 3rd attempt to put into production my fliers which I paid a rush order on, and them telling me to check my file, I am ready to quit and go to fedex kinkos to get the fliers printed, but my girlfriend tried one more time, using the original. Jpeg file we used and somehow they used that one, the most compressed file is what they used to make the print with!!! Completely boggles my mind. Anyway, it was now too late in the day for the fliers to get put into print so the order now got moved to wednesday. Remember this whole time we had spent the extra money to rush the order through because we needed those fliers to hand out immediately. So my girlfriend calls and the customer service rep. On wednesday and checks with them that the file is good and he says it is finally good to go. She also wanted to make sure that we can still pick up our order by friday, he says yes that should be fine, so we are happy with that, we think we will have the whole weekend to hand out the fliers to everyone. Because the weekends are when everyone is out and about, so the weekend is a crucial time to be able to hand out fliers. Boy were we wrong!!! We call friday around 11 to see what the status of the order was, and the service representative said they were printed and they are drying and they would call us when the order was ready to be picked up. We received a call from the company at 4:15 on a friday from burbank stating that we could come pick up our order, but that they close at 5!!!Are you freaking serious?? So we have essentially 45 min. To drive allllllll the way out to burbank to get the order. We do not live even remotely close to burbank, it would've taken us roughly 90 minutes to make it out to pick up the order, which was long after the company would be close!!! (Instance number one of customer service rep. Not I said not using an shred of common sense) so I am fairly irritated to say the least by this point, an order we started on monday, did not even get put into print until wednesday, and was not even printed until friday, was now ready at the heart of the worst traffic time of l. A. Right at 4 o'clock, anyone at all that lives or knows of la knows that it takes 20 minutes just to make it 5 miles down the freeway at 4 o'clock on any afternoon let alone a friday afternoon. So we let them know that we will come by on saturday to pick up the order. We hang up the phone. The lady on the phone completely utterly and miserably failed to mention that we would not be able to pick up our rushed order of fliers on saturday!! Why because that is a separate building where the finished and paid for orders are placed and that building is locked on the weekends. So here we are 6 days after paying for and rushing our order and we can not even get the fliers until monday now. Monday came and a friend went and picked up the fliers, in response to our troubles they said the product had 2 days to print after approval, the 2nd way was that friday, and the order was ready for pick up that day, yeah it was ready in the last 30 minutes of the day!! Pathetic! They consider the last 30 minutes of the day time for an order to be ready and picked up in burbank!!??? Are you kidding me!!! This company overcharged us, they charged us for services which they were incapable of producing and they completely failed at. This is the most pathetic excuse for a company ever imaginable. A five year old could run a better print operation from his toy pen in the garage than this company can. Please share and tell everyone you know that this company is not a trustworthy company, they will not rush your order but they will charge you for it, and the people they have there to help you will not use any common sense or common courtesy for customers and they will not make you life easier they will in fact make it more difficult and much more stressful. If you need professional printing done you have a better chance at getting it done with less stress and more efficiency through walmart or target!!! Worst absolutely worst experience ever and matched with the worst possible customer representatives ever possible, all around this is a horrible horrible horrible company!!! Do not trust them with your printing needs!!!

Feb 6, 2017

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