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1 CA, United States
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Well I have to say that seeing these other complaints I'm NOT at all surprised ! I make signs in house, I have machines been doing it for over 10yrs.. I have been brokering business cards, postcard brochures etc for the same amount of time. I set up an account with these clowns months ago many.. I finally had a client that needed something these guys can make, so in pricing I emailed them and said not sure why you didn't set my account up as resale, here is my resale # I need broker pricing please.. They then proceed to tell me that the resale has to be in a Co name.. well that is NOT the case as I print stuff, I also do photography, all under my name. so months go by I now have another client that I can use these guys for, so this time I call on phone.. get some dude that trys to tell me that on the resale certificate that the STATE of CA issues it has to say that I'm a print broker.. I told the guy, you are wrong.. that is NOT the way it works never has been and he told me I have to call them and get it changed.. I said, Wrong, how it works is you send or email me a form that I fill out and put in my resale # and sign saying what I resell in this case printed matter.. he argues again and says the way we do business is we have to see on your resale cert that your a print broker.. I have been printing with 5 other printers for years and have been set up this way ( the way the State has it set up) This Co is ClueLess, and now reading how they mess up print jobs and don't fix them etc.. I'm happy to save the extra work as these guys are not customer service oriented. I print and donate 20%of the sale to help pets in OC/LA it's called the guys says the site doesn't show your a broker.. I laughed and said really so when people hit order then design there own stuff and it gets shipped to them, what do you call that... idiot... not to mention if you look at my samples of stuff I have printed. Clueless in the valley they are !

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