GoToGate / extra charges on ticket

hi, my name is Anisoara Schiopu. i bought a fly ticket on 13th august .
fly details :Booking No.
London - Iasi Z7GH6V
Order number KQB65E
Order date 13 Aug 2018
email ref no from customer service : [protected]
on the site show one price, but when i received the confirmation i realise that i was charged extra £58.01
price on the site was : £129.98 and i was charged £ £187.99
i have the picture because i send it to my husband to show him price .
-I spoke to someone at the customer service and told me there was an additional charge of about £ 58.01.
I would like to mention that, in addition to the purchase of the ticket, I have never seen the addition of this amount of money.
I say I was cheated by this amount of money.
i can be contacted by email : [protected]
phone : [protected]


Aug 22, 2018

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