goodyear tires/oil change / rude employees, not able to get in for appt

west main street, Salem, VA, United States

I have tried now for the last 3 weeks to get in and have my oil change and tire rotation.
I thought it was a good idea to get tires so I would get free rotation. Well after spending over 600.00 on tires not including an alignment and oil change I have not been able to get in for an appt. I call and the rudeness for one thing is just not acceptable and being told I can come in and wait(which is what I requested to do) and being told I will have to wait 2 1?2 hours for oil change is outrageous. Even when I get up on a Sat. and am at Goodyear at 7:30a.m. or earlier to insure I get in I am still told they do not have enough help and will STILL have to wait an hour. This is also not acceptable. I work 6 days a week and try my best to be polite but I have had it with Goodyear. Now I will have to go somewhere else and pay for tire rotation not to mention i have been going to this particular Goodyear for 11yrs and they have all my information. I have purchased numerous tires for our vehicles and maintenance on our vehicles for years. This will stop since I cannot be accomidated after 3 weeks of trying. POOR SERVICE AND RUDE EMPLOYEES> WHITNEY WEBB

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