GoodLife Fitness / membership change to what I get after I have paid in full six months later

I went to hot yoga yesterday. I went through no problem, my wife was told she would have to pay next time because it is no longer included in her corporate membership as of June 1st. I will fight this ridiculous new policy. Big mistake. I don't even think it is legal but I will look into that too. I went back later after hot yoga to ask about my membership. I don't know why she said nothing to me on the way in but after I informed myself she told me the same thing that, as of June 1st my membership changed. We both renewed our memberships in January for the last 4 years. Hot Yoga was included, we both signed the waivers that you require to do Hot Yoga. You cant change what is included in my membership half way through the year, you can't even fulfill your commitment to the customer for the year membership and then send out a customer letter to inform the membership of this huge change. She said it would cost me $6 a session. I do 3 week so that is $18 a week or an extra $932 a year plus my corp. mem . fee$450. That's ridiculous. You want me to pay three times my membership to do what I used to do before at your gym. That is fair and right to your customers even if you were making a change not like this. I will be leaving Goodlife if not resolved. I will also be looking into if it is even legal to change my plan after I paid for it in advance. Absolutely no notification sent about changes coming to membership. Then I called later to vent my frustration and I found out I could pay $20 a month for hot yoga unlimited. That would be $240 a year plus 450 mem that is $700. My friend pays $570 with hot yoga included. I have my plan that included Hot Yoga for the rest of the year. That is the plan I paid for. You should honor it to renewa and then I can decide whether to stay of not because I only come for Hot Yoga.

Carmine Morelli

Jun 04, 2018

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