GoodLife Fitnesscancelling contract due to moving to another country

I started my contract of nov 28 2016 with goodlife while I was waiting for my visa to move to another country. I explained to the staff (Michelle) that I will be moving out of the country when I get my visa and cannot transfer my contract to another person and I don't want to pay cancellation fees so if there is any fees to cancel or buy out fees then I do not wish to start a contract as I am not aware when I will be moving. Michelle told me "don't worry, because you are moving out of the country then your situation is unique so you will not be charged any buy out or cancellation fees and can cancel at no charge anytime. You can come talk to me on the day that you get your visa and you will be moving and I will take care of it myself so you are not charged any fees." now, jan 28 2017, I went to cancel my contract because I will be moving in 2 days, they charged me $103 and told me there is no such thing as moving out of the country. I explained to them that I was told on the day that I started the contract that I would not be paying fees if I am moving out of the country. The staff, michelle, denied it all and lied right in mine and my sister's face that she has never said such a thing. Your employee is a liar and your company supported it. I spoke to the regional manager and they did not do anything about it and stood behind her lie. I explained the situation word for word and retold the conversation we had had on nov 28 2016 and said that if they check their camera then they can see by lip sync that I am retelling the conversation exactly as it happened. They refused to help or to acknowledge the lie that their employee had told right in our faces. I am very unhappy with this treatment and the fact that your staff lies right out in the open to get the customer to sign the contract and once it is signed and fee is paid they could not care less and go against everything they have said in the meeting. I will be spreading the word to my 50 000 instagram followers as well as my sisters' followers and all our friends on facebook and at the university and our family members and friends all over the country to not ever sign a contract with goodlife as they are liars and stick by their lie without any compassion or consideration for the customer. They have no value for their customers and will do anything to get money out of the customer. They will not try to rectify their own employee's lie or mistake and the customer has to pay for their employee's lie and deliberate misinformation.

Jan 28, 2017

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