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J Calgary, AB Review updated:

I had worked at the GoodLife Fitness gym in South Calgary for almost a full year when i was suddenly "Let go" because head office had "over-looked", 11mos earlier, that i had a (very minor) criminal record. So basically i was fired for something they knew all about before actually hiring me...i had great friends at the gym that i worked with and really enjoyed my job there, but suddenly at the end of my shift one day they asked me to get my stuff and not return for atleast 3 mos to any GoodLife Fitness gym. Unbelieveable.


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      Nov 13, 2008

    Unfortunate, but should be expected having a criminal record. If home office noticed that and did not want to employ you, then your own manager was just following orders. That's not exactly being "unfairly" let go.

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  • A
      Feb 02, 2009

    Lol... so you're mad because they don't want a criminal working there? I'm sure you don't self-identify as a criminal but, if you have a record you did something bad and this is a consequence of that.

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  • J
      Apr 17, 2009

    You mis-read obviously. I was ALREADY employed for almost a year!

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  • J
      Apr 17, 2009

    No i agree about them not wanting that but like i said it is a VERY minor criminal record and they did the check and then hired me. Then 11 mos later used that as a reason to let me go saying they didint notice i had a record, just noticed and should not have hired me 11 months

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      Jul 30, 2009

    Stay away from goodlife fitness...its a giant scam. Go to a local gym instead. At goodlife fitenss you're nothing more than a number. Goodlife fitness makes it easy to sign up and difficult to leave. They stole my money for six months.

    Have a look can't find contact information for a single executive...they can't be transparent because of all the complaints.

    Stay away from Goodlife fitness.

    Matt Nelson

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  • P
      Jun 30, 2014

    I agree. It's a scam. More overweight people work there than go there.

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