Gold's Gympersonal trainer

Personal training was canceled, and the following month they pulled out almost 300.00 again and said they were sorry and that this was a mistake and that it would be refunded back within 2 week. its now been almost 3 months and several phone calls including another face to face conversation with the manager Tony and now they are saying they are not going to refund the money.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Montclair, CAThe bank account had to be close due to the thieves at Golds Gym in Montclair, CA and know one is taking responsibility for stealing the money. Its hard to believe a large company like Golds would need to steal money to stay open, but now i understand why they are still open, that's because they steal the money and then say it was a mistake and then don't return it like they said they would. I expect a phone call back to rectify this mess that Tony at the Montclair, CA store created.

May 17, 2017

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