Golds Gym Orem Utah / scam, unathorized charges, pushy salesman

Provo Orem, UT, United States

I have a big complaint towards this gym.. It seems that they might have it all for some one who is looking to be fit. They might make everything look nice but behind all this they have hidden clauses in the contract that make you continue to pay more. They may have deceptive advertising say join for just 1 dollar but trust me you will end up paying for it. I kept paying each month and they took out money twice a year for some lame gym maintance and when my contract expired I canceled it but they kept taking money out of my account for many months afterwards. This is unethical they don't care about you as a member. They try to soak every little penny out of you. THE WORST GYM TO GO TO.!!! DO NOT APPLY THESE GUYS THAT SIGN YOU UP JUST WANT TO MAKE COMMISION OFF YOU... iTS RIDICULOUS

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