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I finally got my membership cancelled at golds.
😁 4 memberships, including mine, were canceled on sunday by the aiken, sc gym manager, larry nelson. Short story. Visit the aiken sc golds with all your other friends that can't escape the membership trap when larry nelson is working, two of you drop a weight on the floor and memberships cancelled. My husband and 3 of his friends were working with weights. Background - these 3 guys work out multiple times a week at 3 area golds for 10+ years. All over 35, all working professionals in upper management positions.
One was working on a shoulder injury and started losing control of his lift which caused him to drop the weights at about 6 to 8 inches from the floor. A man approached, telling them that they have caused the bubbles in the floor. (floors have severe bubbling - have for years. Anyone familiar with this location knows maintenance of building and equipment is not a priority.) the same man sat a few feet away and watched them continue with the weights. When my husband let his weights go about 4 inch from the floor, the man asked the three of them to leave. The 3rd man didn't do or say a thing. He insinuated that they were not as strong as they think. Both men were working to rebuild muscle in injured areas. My husband told him to leave. The man continued to insist they leave. My husband went to the front desk to complain, the man followed. My husband asked for his name. The man said you are not a paying customer, I don't have to tell you anything. My husband did violate the language rule at th his point when he said I don't know who the #$#@ you are. We ended up finding out from the front desk that this guy was the manager, larry hudson but would not allow the woman at the desk to give out his card. This manager never identified himself verbally or wore anything that distinguished him from anybody else in the gym. It wasn't until after this man canceled all the memberships that they realized he really could do that. They thought they were dealing with a weird customer. Anyway, I have been a forced to pay member so my husband could keep his. They simply wouldn't cancel his or mine. He wanted to continue so he kept paying for both. We went to the regional manager over two of the three locations they frequent and were told we could continue at the north augusta gym. Really... The actions were bad enough to be banned from one location but not all?? Needless to say that we are just beginning and will use each and every avenue to let current and potential members know not only that aiken is ruled by a control freak with zero professionalism but to also let you know that at the regional managers, even after admitting that the manager handled the situation improperly, could not override his decision for that location. Game on gold's.

  • Updated by Ljcf, May 29, 2018

    Correction- the manager in this situation was Larry Nelson, not Hudson.

  • Updated by Ljcf, May 29, 2018

    It also helps if the two who drops the weights have much darker skin tones because Larry likes to refer to them as"you boys" and "your kind". The only white man in the group was one who dropped the weights from the highest point and was the only one Larry was willing to reinstate his membership. The two black men, one of which dropped nothing and said nothing, were told they could not return to the Aiken gym at this time but that may change if some other things change there.

May 29, 2018

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