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Gold's Gym / membership woes

1 West Edmonton MallEdmonton, Alberta, Canada Review updated:

I have been given the runaround since day one. I tried to suspend my membership (a big selling point when i first signed up) when I went away to travel. The process ended up being so long and drawn out, and the fees to have the membership "suspended" were almost as much as paying the membership in full anyway.

Now it comes time for my contract to expire, and they are not even letting me go that easily. I was to give them 90 days notice via registered letter stating that ALL I WANT IS FOR MY 2 YEAR CONTRACT TO EXPIRE. Since I didn't do that, I have gone on month - to - month payments, and I have to wait another 3 months for this drama to end.

Gold's Gym is stealing my money - please make them stop!

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  • Va
      22nd of May, 2008
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    Gold's Gym - Outdated equipment
    Gold's Gym
    11133 120th Ave NE
    United States

    This gym has outdated equipment. Most of the equipment looks like it has been procured from some other gym that has upgraded its equipment and was getting rid of their old equipment. The machines are rusty.

  • Ry
      5th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I was a member of Gold's Gym in Fort Lauderdale, but once my membership was up I joined Mainstreet Gym in Wilton Manors. Mainstreet closed overnight, with NO prior notice. I choose Mainstreet because it was within walking distance of my home; I got exercise and was saving gas. I didn't even hear that Mainstreet had closed until a friend who also was a member informed me. Only a few weeks ago, I looked in my bank account and saw there charges from Golds Gym. I can't get satisfaction from the gym manager or franchise owner...even the corporate office. What do we do????????????????

  • Sa
      19th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I'm having the same problem with Gold's gym edmonton. When I was signing up, they were very quick and not going through many details. When I asked about cancellation, they said I just had to give notice, after the minimum period. The owner and the managers were all flexible and making the contract seem like just a formality. I was told I would get a copy of the contract by email, which I didnt.
    I found out I'd have to move for my job 5 days after I signed the contract. I went in to ask for a cancellation. All of a sudden, the contract was so set and I'd have send a written letter by REGISTERED MAIL, pay $199+tax and the contract would not be cancelled for another 91 days- so I'd be paying 3 more months. I had given legitimate reasons (moving to a location where there is no gold's gym), which was enough for me to cancel memberships with other clubs AT NO EXTRA COST. However, at this company they were extremely difficult, unreasonable.
    I just found out that their rating at Better business Bureau is [censored] The lowest possible. Compared this o ClubFit, World Health Club and other clubs in Edmonton, which got a B, A and A+.
    I wish I had checked this before. They are taking advantage or their members.

  • Jo
      19th of Mar, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Exact same experience, only with Gold's, Edmonton-Westmount. The sales staff wouldn't even let me finish reading the contract before I signed it, saying: "Don't worry about it." Now that I'm trying to deal with then in regard to cancellation, they are making every effort to hide behind the contract. This gym took several extra months to open, billing me the entire time. This is the worse experience I've ever had with a business in my life. Absolutely absurd.

  • Al
      8th of May, 2009
    +3 Votes

    WOW, is the city of Edmonton ever getting frigged over by Gold's. The WEM Gold's has a Better Business Bureau rating of F! And from what I've experienced, read, heard, the Westmount mall Gold's is following the same business model: decieve your customers to ensure the payments keep rolling in.

  • Je
      7th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Bob H:

    Thank you for your insights. I want to make anyone who may read this aware that the "Fair Trading Act" in Alberta exists to govern fairness in all market transactions--this includes any oral promises or statements of fact that a business may make.

  • Ch
      17th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes


    pay attention...

    Never...and I can't stress this enough, NEVER, give a company your credit card number or permission to debit your bank account if you have never dealt with them before. Did I say NEVER?

    Offer only post dated cheques, cheques can be cancelled if you don't like the service.

    Trust me on this, it is far better to have someone asking for money you have in your possesion than having to ask for your money back when it is in someone elses posession.

    If the sales person says they can't do that...IT IS A HUGE RED FLAG...what do you mean you can't do that? Cheques are legal tender in Canada. If they say they won't take cheques just say "That's too bad, I really wanted to (join/buy/etc) but if that is your policy i'll just go somewhere else."

    Why do you think they want your CC number or debit permission anyway? It's so they can take what they want from you when they want.

    Got it?


    p.s. Did I say NEVER give your CC number or bank debit permission yet?

  • Je
      17th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Not quite. Even if you give them post-dated cheques and cancel them if you become dissatisfied, you still have a legal contractual obligation to make your payments, or follow the cancellation provision in your contract. If you refuse to do this due to dissatisfaction, they can sell your debt to a collections company, thus destroying your credit rating and leaving you with a civil liability. The best thing to do your homework on the company, and assess your contractual commitments BEFORE committing to them.

  • Su
      25th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Nader Chehayeb is a thief, I know all about him. He is always taking money out people's accounts when he shouldn't. During sign up he's an angel, after sign up he turns into into a daemon. You have no idea how much money that guy has stolen from people. I just hope someone can stop him, because if it's that easy for crooks to get away with that kind of behaviour, then i guess he'll be doin this for a long time.

  • Mi
      30th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have a huge complaint to CLUB FIT in edmonton Alberta, I had a contract for monthly payment, then with out warning they increses my membership $5.00 extra, it's not the $5.00 that bother me is them just doing it without any letter or information . I try to contact the manager and after a few phone call no answer back . When I did find someone they said that they will check my contract and call me back . A week later no call . I even asked to talk to head office they told me that it's in calgary . of course that was a not true because when I look into even the CEO is in edmonton . Custumer service is a bunch of lies and as long they get thier money they don't care tha happens . They think that they voted to top gym that is because there is only two to choose from .but if they keep up with that they will not even be around in 5 years . too bad that something be good for you it give's you more stress . Everyone wants to get what they pay for and that includes service . and that is one thing that CLUB FIT does not have . I'm not surpriced if someone else will come in the city and take over . People forget that the net is so powerful that it can crush a business and I think Club FIT is getting to that position even the CEO had no curtesy to return emails . I guess he only has time to roll around other people's money .

  • Fi
      6th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Gold's Gym Edmonton has broke every promise to me that they made when I was signing up . This Nader Chehayeb is a crook if there ever was one and so are his managers. I cannot count how many people that I know that have left there becasue of his lies. Oh well, word gets around and what goes around comes around. He is getting his with all of the membership cancellations. He won't last forever. We can all look forward to new ownership at Gold's Edmonton one day.

  • Je
      12th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I signed up with ClubFit in Edmonton. In the first month of my membership I injured my shoulder and could not work out. I continued paying dues for an additional six months even though I couldn't use the facilities. I went for accupunture, therapeutic massage and chiropractic adjustments regularly to correct the problem. I have two letters from my chiropractor advising ClubFit I was not to work out as my shoulder condtion is chronic. I have supplied both letters to ClubFit as medical documentation to cancel my membership. I have since received a collection notice from a firm in Calgary for the remaining months on my contract. I supplied the collection agency with the letters which, I was told, would be reveiwed by a lawyer. Yesterday I received another collection notice - no explanation as to why the letters were not sufficient to cancel the membership.
    My question - what can I do???

  • Je
      9th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Update: Gold's, Edmonton-Westmount has recently achieved a BBB rating of F, the same rating as the West Edmonton Mall Gold's. And according to the Gold's webiste, they are planning on opening two more locations in Edmonton. Infer from this what you will...

  • Do
      15th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I tried to pay cash in advance for a one year membership Edmonton north world health club. they would accept the cash but still insisted on a personal blank voided cheque.
    ended up walking away without a membership. isn't there privacy laws against this? btw thanks for heads uo on gold's. got an ad in the mail about a new one opening soon at northtown mall.

  • Je
      15th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yes there are privacy laws on this, but there are many gray areas. Good for you for walking away, many others would have just signed up for the membership anyway.

  • Je
      17th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    One more thought: we all know the saying "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." So many people in the city of Edmonton have bad experiences with Gold's. When dealing with any business, it is important to do your research, and see if any trends exist which are problematic for you. The Better Business Bureau provides a great tool for consumers to identify any issues they may have with a business, and sites, such as this one, that allow consumers to discuss their experience, be it positive or negative, provide you with an opportunity to see what others have experienced, and ask questions. And there are laws across Canada and the United States, at the Provincial/Territorial/State level that protect your rights as well. I sincerely hope we do not see a whole list of complaints from people signing up for memberships at the new Gold's locations in Edmonton.

  • Ck
      17th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    A couple of points - Sales staff do not recieve commission unless banking information is provided...they will push you for it but tell then you wont! You may have to pay a few extra $$ a month for proccessing fees but it is possible.

    If you do a stop payment for a month, they will double bill you the following month

    Clubfit was clubfit corp until it was purchased, now it is clubfit inc.

    The clubfit HO is now in calgary and all staff is former WHC staff...and clubfit staff got laid off

    Dont be fooled by the new A+ rating for WHC...looks like it was just re-set to that and clubfit no longer has a rating

  • Br
      10th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have had many negative experiences with Gold's Gym in West Edonton Mall and Gold'n Tan located right next to it (same owner). The owner himself actually went to go get himself take-out during my tanning appointment time! He returned to find me waiting, and basically told me that there was no time left to get me in before the next person's appointment and to get lost. Utterly ridiculous. At Gold's Gym, we were trying to use a free 1 week couple's pass (we were truly considering joining). They gave us such a run around in trying to use the free pass that we were totally turned off. When one of the employees failed in trying to get us to sign up he got someone else to come in to the office and we were subjected to a rude sales pitch, ganged up on...We literally looked at one another and got the hell out. DON"T GIVE YOUR $$$$ TO THESE LOSERS!!! WARN EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!! I also have several friends whose bank accounts were chrged multiple times in a month, repatedly! Shady - can't understand how the place is still open.

  • Ro
      6th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I'm sick of my stomachhera about this problems with gold gym and i'm just starting with a porblem this a big scam, they want to charge me 1600.00 dollars that I suppost to owe them and is all false that I owe that much I had no money to pay this I need somebody to help me understand the membership beacuse the way I understand I don't owe them that much in my opinion I only owe them 240.00. Can somebody tells me what it will happen if I don't pay them besides getting a bad credit?

  • Jo
      14th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes


    To Rosa Gonzalez. I feel your pain Rosa here is what you do and I'm sure everything will be ok. You can use these tips for any issue not just Gold's.
    1. Keep a record of everything, gather all the paper work you have on the membership, hopefully you have a copy of all the papers you signed. If not, and they are relactent to give you one then just tell them you need them to get reimbursement from your benefits plan at work, that way they will think you will stick around for a long time because the company is paying for the membership.
    2. Start a record and note down all what happened since the begining of this problem, every phone call, every conversation, email, letter, everything! You may need it if this ends up in small claims court.
    3. Start a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    4. Start a complaint with Consumer Contact Centre 780-427-4088
    these are the people that can actually take the business license away from a company.
    Phone 3 and 4 just to get things started, and they will contact Nader the owner.
    5. Call the Alberta Law Line 780-644-7777 for free legal advice. They won't tell you this, but you get one hour and thirty minutes for free. Usually half hour on the phone to check if your problem has merit and then you go to meet with a lawyer at this point you MUST have a copy of the membership and all your papers and notes .
    6. OPTIONAL call the Edmonton Community Legal Centre/Clinic, they provide legal help same as #5, but for low income people
    7. Another optional step and only as a last resort call Global's Trouble Shooter 780-433-3232 or
    I'm sure having GOLD's GYM on the evening news would make everyone happy on this board.

    At some point either the lawyer (not free) or you (free) need to write a letter to Nader explaining all the measures taken above. make sure the letter is certified to be opened only by him.

    I went through this, and many others, there is much help along the way, feel free to ask me any questions. I also have Nader's mailing address which you can find on the BBB web site and phone number, but what you won't find or need at this point is his Cell number and email which your lawyer might need and it took me some time to find it . Let me know how it goes.


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