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Gold's Gym / billing

1 United States

Need to read this. I am an employee of golds so let me help you understand. Golds is an ok place to work while going to school but if you are looking for a career go elsewhere. Billing seems to be a big complaint on here so let me tell you why all of you are getting know where when changing credit cards. Some of the employee like the front desk and management get a bonus for collecting money that is past dues. So do you really like they are in a hurry to fix your credit card? The only person in the gym making any money is the gm and the sales staff. The operations manager, the front desk and the kids club employee could all be on welfair. While the gm and the sales staff are racking in the money some making 100, 000 dollars a year the operations manager and the other staff is making min wage or just a little higher. So, of course they are trying to pick up a little extra any time they can. As to cancelling your memberships let me explain why you are having a hard time. When a gym has x amount of people ending their memberships the gm loses part of his bonus. So, of course they will drag it out as long as possible. Do not get upset at the front desk employees or the operations manager for trying to make a little more money after all they have kids to feed. If you want to get pissed get pissed at the gm or golds corp. After all those are the ones that not only screw over there employees but they are the ones that have caused this problems. You cannot crap on your employees and expect them to be full of smiles everyday and pass up on being able to feed there kids.


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