[Resolved] Gold's Gym / broken machines and filthy conditions

Goldsboro, NC, United States

I'm a member of the Gold's gym in Goldsboro, NC. I've enjoyed this gym because it has always been clean, the machines have been in good condition and functional, and the staff has always been helpful and pleasant. This location has also recently been updated with new paint, flooring, etc. After being unable to workout for approximately 10 months, due to an injury and related surgery, I returned a few days ago and was absolutely disgusted with the conditions of this gym. Most of the machines are filthy with months and months of built up grime. Many of the machines are in poor condition, having worn out handles, seats, and non-functioning parts (example: the heart rate hand grips on the treadmills are all broken and unusable). I don't know what has happened to this gym, or why it's in this condition now, but I do know that I pay way too much money for my gym membership to have to work out in these conditions. There are no other Gold's Gym locations even remotely near me, but there are several competing gyms I could give my membership to if these poor conditions are not addressed. Thank you for reading my complaint.

  • Resolution statement

    Manager has addressed all concerns immediately and very professionally!

Oct 17, 2017

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