Gold's Gymbranch opening

Dear Golds gym team
We have registered to golds gym in November2016 (Amman Jordan), me and my husband, and We have been told that the gym will be open in February 2017 !! Now it's May !! And still isn't open yet .. and I am sorry to tell you that we're so upset of this as we have been told that (the gym will open in a couple of weeks ) several times since February and we have been told that we're gonna be satisfied and the gym will make it up for us !!! Nothing of this happened! Don't you think that we need to be really satisfied for what happened! We're waiting u since February!
They told us that u will use the gym for free in soft opening.. we said ok but when we went to the gym we found the soft opening is only for 4 hours a day 4-8 pm and without showers and toilets!!! Dose that make any sense for u !!! And now even this soft opening canceled because of technical problems!
We Trusted you and waited you for so long!! Specially that its the first golds gym in jordan .. we have registered when there was no building yet cuz we thought that we are registering in the best gym ever !! Now we're seriously thinking of going back to our old gym !
Sorry but we are so upset!
Majd Ajarmeh

May 12, 2017

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