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Hello Goldcar. I´ve sent my complaint earlier via your direct mail addres. But i have not got an answer. I here by sent it again and hope that you will give me a positive answer. Unfortunately i cannot attach my original rental deal with you but the deal have the reference number: ES805131490
Under here you have the E-mail I sent to you the 9 maj 2017.

Hello Goldcar

I´ve just been on a visit to Malaga. And I did rent a car from you.

Cause to much activities the man that serviced me at the Goldcardesk Wednesday night – did not have the time to explain the costs at the receipt.

I have already by the time I rented the car through on-line service – payed for an insurance. But when I was standing there at the desk your man could not explain to me – in a way I could understand.

At last I decided to sign the contract so we could come further. But I still don't understand ???

I put a foto of the contract and the other things I don't understand :

“Costes operac” 25, 62 Euro
“C.Extra V. Diesel” 8, 26 Euro
“Cobertura Super“ 82, 60 Euro
“Entrega Fuera“ 33, 06 Euro

I dont understand all those things. I have payed for the rental through your on-line service and I off course – have a receipt on that. I am sure you now.

If there comes so many extra costs to rent a car, then your prices are wrong and miss-leading. This is not okay !!!

I do insist to get the to much charged refunded.

Yours Kim Nøhr


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    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response · May 17, 2017

    Hello Kim,
    Thanks for taking your time to write this review about your recent experience with us in Málaga.
    We're trying to improve our services and the opinion of clients is essential to do so.

    On the issue you described, please note that our policy contemplates the requirement to leave a deposit in order to pick the car and start using our services. However, we always offer additional cover (Super Relax Cover), because it already includes an excess and it exempts you of this requirement. This service is always offered as an alternative to blocking a deposit on a credit card. If you didn’t ask expressly to leave deposit for the rentals, our agents had to add our coverage in order to arrange the contract, as you agreed with it and signed the contract, we have seen that there were no mentions to this matter at the counters. This service cost 99, 95€ (VAT included) and exempted you of the requirement of leaving a deposit.
    On the other hand, we checked that you had a Flex Fuel policy. Our Flex Fuel policy works this way: you leave a deposit for it at the beginning of the rental. Then at your return, we deduct the quantity of fuel you used of it and release the difference back. On the other hand, this rate also has a fuel handling and administration fee due to its features. This information is specified on our general T&Cs detailed on your contract as well as on our website: (provision 7.a). The cost of this fee would vary depending on several factors such as the type of car rented and the type of fuel that it consumes (you can check the price relation here: ). On your case this cost 31€ (VAT Included)
    On the same way you had a diesel car. This type of cars has an extra fuel fee due to its features (This is stated on provision 7.5 of our particular T&Cs: ). On your case this cost 10€ (VAT Included).
    Finally, regarding the out of hours fee, you have to know that there’s an extra fee for collecting the car out of the office’s hours. This cost 40€ (VAT included) and was charged at your arrival, because you were coming at 23:45 (the offices closed at 23:00 o’clock).

    I hope this information helped you clarify your concerns.

    Thank you.
    Kind regards
    Goldcar Representative

May 13, 2017
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  • Ev
      Aug 08, 2018

    08.08.2018.Hello. Just returned from Alicante. Before my trip I choose a car in Gold car rental and paid all rental price, including super relax cover via Visa card for 14 days of my staying in Spain. In confirmed reservation details were clearly written that “amount to be paid-0.00”. For normal person it means that you paid everything and you can enjoy the time with selected car. After arrival to Alicante Airport desk of gold car rental, the manager said that he will make ONLY fuel deposit and after time of rental the deposit will be returned, after checking if the fuel tank would be full. After payment of deposit, manager gave me the hole list payment of rental price. Immediately was found a lot of hidden payments, which were not explained before payment:
    1. C.extra V.Diesel- I didn’t reserve a diesel car, so it was made without my permission and was not announced by manager.
    2. Upgrade- I didn’t make any upgrade!!!
    3. Mega Relax Cover. I didn’t order this option.

    Totally I paid 150 euro of hidden payments.
    The qualification of manager ( Damian Maciei)of Gold car rental in Alicante airport is very poor and unsatisfactorily, who could not explained why I have to pay more and that some payments are not included in prepaid payment.

    Why Gold car rental do not inform the clients of hidden item during reservation via website???

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