GoldCar Rentalcleaning fee

When renting the car at Tenerife South, the lady at the desk told us as we paid for a full cover insurance, we do not need to check the car or take pictures as it is all ok and can just take it and go. The state of the back seats was already stained but we did not say anything as we did not need to worry, as being told so. There were just two of us and we have not even used the back seats for anything, so we do not agree to be charged €150 for cleaning of back seats which we have not used and which should have been cleaned before we rented the car anyway. If there was something wrong with the car, why your staff did not tell us anything when we returned it? Why the person at the desk did not specify anything at the time of renting? I believe we should be getting the car spotless when renting in the first place, and it was not the case. The staff taking the car when returning said everything was fine and we would get our money back soon. It is very easy to charge customers for something after they have left the country and are very unlikely coming back to solve the situation. We were renting via several times around the world and never have experienced such service and attitude, if only knowing the Gold car company before and doing some research, we would NEVER rent with them.

Nov 22, 2018

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