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Milan, Italy
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I booked a car rental through GoldCar Italy. I was scheduled to pick up my car from Linate airport on May 28, 2017 at 7 PM. When I was informed that my flight with British Airways was canceled, I called the GoldCar customer service number to notify them that I would not be picking up the car on the 28th, but would do so on the 29th of May. The customer service rep told me that this would be no issue, and the car will be ready for me. I asked him to send me an email, and he said it is not necessary because he will add a note to the reservation.

Upon arrival to Linate, I go to GoldCar to pick up my car. I show the woman my reservation confirmation, which referenced the car type and the price, and she informed me that there is no car for me. She told me she could give me a smaller car at a much higher price. I explained to her my conversation, she looked up the reservation on her system, saw that there was a note on the account about my late pickup, and said that the rep should have changed the date and that there is nothing that she could do about it. After 30 minutes of heated discussion, I finally decided to accept the car they had at 220% of the original cost because my options were limited.

GoldCar did not honor the original reservation, they provided me with a smaller car, and they admitted that the customer service rep had noted the account and that they were at fault. This is bait and switch and is criminal.

As a resolution, I expect to have a refund of the excess amount at a minimum, and because I accepted a smaller car, I should pay a lower rate for the whole reservation. My original booking number with GoldCar was [protected] and the amount due was 154.29 Euro. The amount I had to pay was 370 Euro. I've attached a photo of the original reservation and of my credit card statement detailing the GoldCar charge.

GoldCar Rental
GoldCar Rental

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jun 15, 2017

    Dear Jeff,

    Thanks for your comment.

    We're trying to improve our services and the opinion of clients is essential to do so.

    On the issue you described, I have checked into our systems that your original flight was cancelled. You notified that to our offices so they wrote it down on your contract. You should know that, as you weren't able to collect the first car you booked you lost it. Please note that our agents tried to save it, but we have a very high demand of cars during this season and the model had to bee re-booked right away. For that reason, they had no other option than to re-arrange a new contract at your arrival to our counters.

    Please note that this matter was completely out of our hands, but I understand that it was a very frustrating situation. Remember can open a query to our Customer Services department here: . That way, they’ll get in touch with you and manage this issue ASAP.

    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative.

  • Updated by jjefadams, Jun 15, 2017

    Actually, this was entirely in GoldCar's hands. I called to notify you so my original reservation would still be in place. I had the car rented for that first day. GoldCar decided to rent it to someone else. That was the company's decision, not mine. When the account was noted, it was the company's duty to keep my car there until I picked it up. Was that not unreasonable for me to expect that you would do so?

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jun 21, 2017

    Dear jjefadams,
    Please, open a query to our Customer Services department here: . That way, they’ll get in touch with you and manage this issue ASAP.

    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative.

  • Updated by jjefadams, Jun 21, 2017

    I have contacted your support many times. In each instance, the person I correspond with tells me that it is not the fault of GoldCar. I don't understand why my reservation was honored because I called to notify GoldCar of the delay AND the account was noted. What more should I have done? Why didn't customer service at GoldCar set up a new reservation if that was what needed to be done? It's best to stay away from this company.

    Here is the latest reply from GoldCar customer support:

    Dear Mr. Adams,
    Thank you for your observations about your car hire experience with us.
    Your opinion is important to us and is the key to our commitment to fulfill our customer’s expectations.
    We are sorry to inform you that Goldcar can only keep the car booked for a certain period of time, once this time period has passed and the customer has not collected their car, the vehicle will be hire out if necessary due to demand. In these cases, we advise the customer to make a new booking if the delay is over 24h.
    We apologize for any inconvenience.
    We would like to thank you again for your time and your evaluation of our service.
    We hope to see you again soon and remember, for any further information about your car hire, please visit our website

    Kind regards,


Jun 14, 2017

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