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GoldCar Rental / car hire : [protected]

1 Malta, United Kingdom
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My name is Rashid Ahmad. I very recently visited Malta with my family (wife, 1 year old son and 3 years old daughter). I hired a car from 25th to 29th in Malta with the following references:

Booking Reference Number: MT446423670
Agreenebt no. [protected]
Car Reg: LQZ 061
Make: Citron C3

This was supplied by Goldcar at Malta International Airport. It was around 10 pm when I was handed over the car. The person who was handling the delivery insisted me to see the car if there are any damages on the vehicle. I responded to him that it was your car, you should know the damages and inform me if there are any. He told a white lie and said: "No. My car is free of damages." But when I inspected the car I could see some scratches on the vehicle here and there and keep in mind it was 10 pm night time and I was with toddlers who were very unsettled and tired due to the flight. So, I told him about those scratches which he put on the papers. I told him it was night and there might be more if examined in day light. He responded it was OK. They have to follow the procedure. So I did not give it a second thought and took the car and drove to the hotel with my family.
When I reached the hotel, I again examined the car and I found a very slight dent on the upper side of the body. I took the photo there and then in case any thing happens. Next morning, in the day light I again had a look on the car and found there were bit more scratches which were not marked at the time of the delivery, so I took a photo of that too there and then. I kept driving the car, and enjoyed the rest of my stay in Malta but only until I was about to fly back.

When I went to the car rental park to return the car and gave the keys to the attendant. To my surprise, the attendant after taking the keys of the car, within seconds, spotted about scratches on the car and said these scratches were not marked by you when you took the car, so you have to pay. I was baffled. I explained to him that when I took the car it was night time and was not possible for me to see every bit in detail. Next morning I saw there were scratches and I took a photo as well. He went really harsh and said "That's it. You have to pay!" He behaved as he was some Maltese supreme court judge. I was really annoyed and tried to explain him again thinking he might not understood me. He threatened 'if you are not paying, I am going to prepare an invoice and we will deduct the amount from the held deposit.' It was really annoying.

Although, I had the full insurance and all damages were covered, I again explained to him there was also a dent on the upper body of the car which was not marked at the time of delivery and you still haven't noticed it. He said: "Okay you will have to pay for the dent too which he could not spot at the first instance." We told him we had full insurance, if there was anything wrong, our insurance could pay but he should try to understand. Why would we tell him about a dent which he even himself couldn't notice. But he remained ill-mannered. When I asked him about his manager, he said he was the manager. (To be honest, I don't think he was the manager, but if he really was the manager then you should seriously revise your policies to hire the employees).

My wife then tried to explain but he did not listen at all. My wife asked him if she could see any log of the damages of the car by the previous users. At this point he went really rude. He threatened me to pay or he will not give a single penny back to me from my deposit. He was behaving like a drunkard and was so rude. He was not listening and tried to intimidate us in the presence of our 3 year old daughter and an infant. My daughter became so terrified. I did tell him off. He had some papers in his hand (I think, he it was an invoice he was preparing) which he tore into pieces and got up of his seat and literally threatened us face to face. Seeing this disgusting behavior, we left the premises ASAP to avoid being attacked by this fat goon.

I went straight to the desk of Goldcar office inside the airport and explained everything to them. The guy at the office listened to me very attentively but said he couldn't do anything as they only deal with the paperwork and have nothing to do with the cars.

I was extremely disappointed with such indecency that I along with my wife and two kids had to face. It almost ruined our trip at the end.

To my surprise, I have now seen my bank statement which shows that I have been charged 1089 Euros. They haven't provided me anything about this deduction. I have been calling them, and no response. I have sent them emails but no response. This is really frustrating and annoying.

Nov 6, 2018

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