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[Resolved] Goldcar Car Hire Spain / scam

1 Spain Review updated:

In sept we travelled to malaga and hired a vw toran 7 seater from goldcar, there were 6 in the party so needed the extra seats. We were only there for a long weekend and just used the car to travel from and back to the airport. When we dropped the car off we asked for it to be checked but they only checked the fuel. Back in england my friends credit card bill arrived with an additional charge of £1861.66 after several calls and emails it transpired that we were being accused of stealing the 2 rear seats. This was unbelievable as we did not under any circumstances remove any seats from the car. We have asked goldcar to check the cctv as this will show we were all sat on a seat when we drove into the airport, but they refuse to do this. Goldcar have produced a receipt printed on plain paper (no letter heading) for £883.39 so we have had a refund of £978.27. My friends credit card co (Marks and spencer) will not help. Goldcar have said this is the end of the matter and will not issue a refund so I feel the need to let as many people as possible know about this terrible company. Do not use goldcar rentals!

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Dec 12, 2013

    Dear Travelgurl,

    Goldcar doesn´t fake charges and we would take legal action on false accusations of any kind.

    Just 3 quick points:

    1) Those charges have nothing to do with Goldcar, as we explained you in private, but even though that, we have taken the time to make a research in google, in order to find it corresponds to a Club Resort in a place called "Los Belones" which is situated in direction to "Cartagena" (village name), that´s why you see "Los Belones Car" in your bank statement.
    This Club Resort appears to be your local residence in Murcia according to the information you provide us when checking in with Goldcar.

    2) We have never charged a deposit of 6000 euros to any client ever. We assume you misspelled an extra 0 on it.

    3) It´s completely fine with us to display our internal records with your reservation details in which the amount of charges, dates and time do not fit with your claiming at all, as well as Goldcar does not accept American Express cards, which made it impossible, at the first place for us to make these charges.

    We hope you get the time to contact the company which charged you, and finally get to clarify it properly.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Goldcar Rental

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jan 14, 2014

    Dear Gordon Streeter,

    Thanks for your comment, please let me introduce a different point of view:

    - We repair all vehicles at official dealers, you as an experienced mechanic may know the difference of prices that may be charged.

    - Take into account that we must add to the price of the repairment, the cost of not being able to rent this vehicle during a number of days. This cost may be higher loss than the repairment itself.

    Regarding fuel, since a couple of weeks ago, unused fuel reimbursement now apply to ALL reservations. The amount charged for fuel always includes other services as refuelling, quick drop off etc..

    Thanks again for your feedback., it helps us to improve.

    Best Regards,

    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative.

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jun 10, 2014

    Dear Martena Smith,

    Unfortunately, the problem you experienced with a long queue at our Almería airport
    check-in counter is not easy to solve. As you mentioned, queues are due to the large amount of customers we receive all at once (on the same airplane, or even several in case of delays or high season traffic). Every airport has certain restrictions on the amount of staff and computers we can employ, thus the congestion. Nevertheless,
    we have begun to open auxiliary desks during the summer season (Alicante, Palma de Mallorca and Málaga for the time being).

    Furthermore, we highly recommend Online Check-in and Priority Check-in (available on
    our website, We have currently added the option of buying any extras you may need or choosing you fuel plan online, which also accelerates the process.

    We are very glad to hear that your past experiences hiring with us were satisfactory. We
    are sending promotional codes to reward our loyal and return customers, so that they can benefit from discounts and other courtesies. Please send us an email at so that we can send you one. Hopefully you will reconsider renting a car with us on your next visit.

    Kindest Regards,

    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jun 30, 2014

    Dear neil morris,
    I am not sure you realize that what you suggest is preposterous. Not only would our customers be putting their safety in danger (the last thing any of us want), but it would also bring very serious legal consequences.
    Regarding your accusations, we are currently doing our best to answer all customer complaints and doubts regarding our services to solve this issue as soon as possible. It is in our best interest to have informed and satisfied customers.
    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jun 30, 2014

    Dear neil morris,

    Please send us your reservation number at so that we may investigate and try to solve what in particular caused you to be dissatisfied with our services.
    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jul 18, 2014

    Dear Mr. Stockfleth,
    Please send us your reservation number at so that we may review your fuel reimbursement. Customers are always refunded for the exact amount of petrol they return, so this is highly irregular. Please take into consideration that the fuel charge includes a small handling fee for our Fast Return Service. This allows our customers to not have to worry about refueling close to the office before returning the car and to not have to wait for it to be inspected. Also, please note that customers have the option of leaving a deposit on their card (“unfrozen” by their bank 15-20 days after the return of the vehicle) if they don’t want to buy full insurance.
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jul 28, 2014

    Dear Ron y,
    The cars we offer are available for consultation on our webpage (Fleet tab), as well as on our FB page. In particular, here is a picture of one of our Volkswagen Passat.
    Regarding our insurance policies, please understand that we cannot hand out a vehicle without making sure that any possible damages will be covered for. The deposit varies depending on the type of car, location and season, as does the full tank of fuel. This is available for consultation on our webpage. Also, please note that even after adding insurance and the full tank of fuel, our prices are very reasonable and economical.
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Aug 07, 2014

    Dear Laoise,
    We are sorry to hear that your rental experience with us was not satisfactory. Please take into consideration that the price advertised online is only the basic rental charge. We offer a pre-purchase fuel plan where a full tank of fuel is bought at destination and unused fuel is later refunded (minus a handling and administration fee for our Fast Return Service). Thanks to this service, customers don’t have to worry about refuelling close to the office before returning the vehicle nor wait for it to be inspected. Anything else is optional, like our full coverage, which is offered as an alternative to leaving a deposit on customers’ credit cards.
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Oct 30, 2014

    Dear Paulgill,
    We are very sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with our services. I am not sure if you were contacted by our Customer Services department, but the Special Cleaning fee you were charged was refunded the 22/08.
    Our apologies for the inconveniences caused and for the condition of the vehicle you were given. Please believe that it is highly irregular; offering top rate cars is our number one priority, 70% of our +37.000 car fleet is renewed annually.
    Kindest regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Nov 04, 2014

    Dear Tometuna,
    We apologize for not answering your emails, your complaint is being processed. Please send me your reservation number at so that I may personally review your contract and any observations that may be noted regarding the return of the vehicle. I will get back to you ASAP.
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jul 03, 2015

    Dear Sashsolar,

    As per our response on other forums, Please note that our basic coverage always contemplates an excess (please see our T&Cs). If customers have third party coverage, such as yourself, they can request a refund from them in case of damages. Additional insurance is offered for customers’ peace of mind and always as an alternative to blocking a deposit on a credit card.

    We are trying to solve the waiting time issue by opening auxiliary offices. We are also doing daily schedules to serve our customers in the fastest possible way depending on the number of bookings at every moment of the day. Also, please note that a Priority Check-in service is available for a reasonable extra fee.

    We are surprised to hear that the vehicle you were given was not in optimal condition. Offering top rate vehicles is our number one priority, which is why 70% of our +37, 000 car fleet is renewed annually. We are an international company with offices in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Andorra, Malta and Morocco, serving more than 1 million customers a year (1% of which complain online).

    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jul 24, 2015

    Dear Leonard,

    We are sorry to hear that your rental experience with us was not as expected. We apologize for the waiting time issue at the counter; we are starting to open auxiliary offices during high season and we try to organize our rental staff’s schedule in the most efficient way possible. Please note that our basic rental fee does not include comprehensive insurance coverage, it is a CDW (collision damage waiver) with excess. Our customers have the option of blocking a deposit or purchasing additional coverage (Relax Cover:, ). Please note that, even with additional coverage, our rates are among the most competitive in the market.
    We thank you for your feedback; customer comments help us to constantly improve our services.

    Kindest regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Sep 28, 2015

    Dear Paul,
    Please send us your contract number at if you would like us to review anything. We are very surprised that the vehicle you were given was not in optimal condition; offering top-rate vehicles is our number one priority, which is why more than 70% of our cars are renewed annually.
    Kindest regards,
    Goldcar representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Nov 26, 2015

    Dear Peter,
    I am very surprised of what you mention. Regarding coverage, the official and continuous procedure for our rental staff at the counter is offering the two options available. They offer our Relax Cover, covering the excess, as well as the option of blocking a deposit on the customer’s card to cover any possible damages during the rental period. This is explained on our webpage and on the brokers’ we work with; if customers purchase third party coverage, such as yourself, they still need to block a deposit and can later request a refund from them. Our Relax Cover charge is also specified in the contract you signed and the invoice you were given.
    Kindest regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jan 27, 2016

    Hello All,

    Please feel free to contact me directly at in regards to your situations. I would be more than glad to personally look into your cases and resolve them.

    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Feb 04, 2016

    Dear Sverken Caron,

    Please feel free to email me at so I may look into what seems to be a highly unusual case. I'd be more than happy to help.

    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Feb 08, 2016

    Dear Gerdy B,

    I would be more than happy to help you. Which email address did you use? I replied in the other thread with my email address. Just please make sure to send your Goldcar reservation number so I may be of assistance.

    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar Representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Jun 17, 2016

    Dear Amanda and Angela,

    Please note we always tell our customers to mark any damage present on the car at the time of collection in order to not charge for those when the car is returned back.

    If you have any questions please contact me at with your query and I will answer ASAP.

    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Aug 01, 2016

    Dear Customer,

    We appreciate that you have shared this information. We will speak to that office regarding what seems to be a highly unusual case.

    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Aug 10, 2016

    Dear Eddie,

    Please note that Goldcar services have highly improved since 2012. The company is evolving day by day to meet customer's expectations and to provide the best customer experience. We invite you to check all the improvements that we have implemented by booking with us again.

    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar representative

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response, Sep 26, 2016

    Dear Jeremy,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    You can open a formal claim on this link: and our Customer Service will deal with your case directly.

    We are sorry that our service didn't match your expectations. Please note that Goldcar does maintenance work to every car before delivering it to a customer.

    Kind regards,
    Victoria R.
    Goldcar representative

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  • Al
      15th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    Worst experience ever, they refused to give me a car because according to their "secret database" that they share with other companies I could be dangerous or with debts without giving any further explanation... This is just a new way to get more money deleting less profitable bookings in favor of other ones, or to solve over-booking problem...

    If it happens you can sue them!

  • Du
      11th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    I booked a car through AutoEurope and paid 84Euro for 8 days, quite a bargain, the car was rented with Goldcar in Malaga Airport. I know there is an extra charge for petrol and it appears that 80 euro is the going rate for a small car, we had a Fiesta. It took an hour and a half to get served by an agent, it was all very quick and no explination as to what was happening, just there is the key and sign this, it came to 125 euro, I thought that was the car hire and the petrol, we had already paid the car hire so I thought it was a receipt for all the transaction. Stressed after an early morning flight and the long wait I signed and picked up the car. All that was ok, but the excessive charges taken from my credit card wwere not explainded. I have tried to contact Goldcar in Malaga, once by phone to be told my original payment to AutoEurope was for petrol and not the car hire. 2 emails to customer care, or as I now now 2 emails to no customer care.
    Be careful the cheapest is not always the best, I have rented from Goldcar and found them ok, but they must have changed their payment policy to get as much money as you can, rip off the customer at all cost and make no contact with them if there is a complaint.


  • Nn
      11th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    GOLDCAR is a SCAM! Stay away!
    I found on the Internet several forums and statements from more than 3.000 people that were robbed by Spanish car rental company GOLDCAR. Unfortunately not in time, as I recently got robbed too. Operating within EU laws, I would claim that GOLDCAR’s business model is illegal. Hopefully someone one day stops them from ruining people’s vacations.

    I hired a car from GOLDCAR in Lisbon airport, using CarTrawler – all basic insurances included. When picking up the key’s at GOLDCAR’s new counter in Lisbon airport, the GOLDCAR lady tried very hard, to sell me additional insurances. I’m used to this, knowing it’s a part of their commission model, so I refused. Never the less, the GOLDCAR lady continued to repeat, that she recommended an additional insurance, and after answering “no thanks” seven (7) times, she told me that this was a “big mistake”, and that I for sure would “regret the decision”. She even told it in a very odd and rude way that made me feel quite uncomfortable. Working with business and sales development myself, I’m normally quite tolerant in cases where sales people get commission on their sales, but this was too much.

    Now, after some days in Portugal, I returned the car as picked up (with some big scratches around, that I fortunately got marked during pickup). The guy at GOLDCAR drop point checked the car, didn’t find anything that wasn’t already marked, and then asked for my copy of the papers. After a few minutes he returned, went to the very dirty wind screen, wiped the dirt away on a 10 cm area in upper left corner of the wind screen and pointed out a microscopic, 0.5 by 0.5 mm tiny white dot placed at the edge of the wind screen. It was so tiny, that if you didn’t know it was there, you would never see it – even standing right in front of the screen with total clean windows.

    I immediately felt the “setup”. Why would he suddenly come back and wipe the dust of in a 10 cm area, and point out something that you would never see, if you didn’t know it was already there? I immediately claimed that this small white dot never could be categorized as damage, and that it probably already was there at pickup. I mean, we are not talking about one of those 1 – 2 mm small craters caused thrown-up pebbles. We are talking about a tiny white dot, smaller than a single, white sugar particle, and only in the absolute top surface of the glass.

    But no, GOLDCAR demanded 400 Euro for a new wind screen. They claimed that they needed to change it for “security reasons”, and I was shocked. I felt this as a really unethical way of doing business. In pure anger, I went over to the cleaned, “pickup ready” cars from GOLDCAR, and documented with my camera, that 7 out of 21 cars (30%) had even bigger “cosmetic” dots on their wind screens. How could they send all these car’s on the street, if a tiny, tiny white dot, at the very edge of the wind screen far from drivers side, made up such a big security issue, that the wind screen needed to be changed?

    It’s probably needless to say, that my arguing didn’t last at all. Despite my protest, GOLDCAR kept 400 Euro of my deposit, and we all know that this wind screen won’t be changed, and we also know, that the next customer won’t see the small white dot before it might be pointed out by a GOLDCAR employee when returning the car. Being very cheap on the search engines and then robbing people afterwards seems to be their business model.

    Shame on you GOLDCAR!

  • Tr
      19th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    Never EVER use Goldcar, or Holiday Autos. Here's my experience: Booked a car through Holiday Autos online for a holiday in LaManga, Spain, picking the car up at Murcia airport. Go every year and usually use and Solmar - who have always been fine and straightforward, but this time went with others as they had a cheaper quote (ha!)

    I had prepaid the car rental (£141) and knew I also had to buy a full tank of petrol (88 Euros), which they would only take on a Visa Debit card. I paid, then the hard sell for insurance started. Knowing this is just a way for them to get more money, I refused, so they said I then had to take a swipe of my credit card (not my Visa debit) against an excess of 6000 Euros!!! I told them this was insane, but they said if I didn't give them the swipe or buy the insurance, I couldn't have the car. I reluctantly gave them my Amex credit card and they took a swipe, gave me the receipt and I got the car. A week later, I returned the car, undamaged, and all was well... Until I got my Amex statement, and saw that I had a payment of 96.40 Euros and 99 Euros, four days apart, from a company called 'La Manga Club, Los Belones Car'. Having a further look on the credit card swipe they gave me, I noticed a payment of 96.40 Euros at the bottom that I hadn't been notified of.

    I immediately rang Holiday Autos - who have been DREADFUL at helping me and dealing with this situation. When I told them what happened (after having emailed my complaint as they don't have a customer service line to call), they called back a week later to say they'd spoken with Goldcar, who said the charge hadn't come from them and that was that. Naturally I objected, claiming I had the swipe from them, but when I looked closer I noticed the address on the swipe wasn't Goldcar, Murcia airport, but La Manga Club. The people at Goldcar were telling Holiday Autos that I must have gone and hired another car there (let's not even bother asking about the logic of why I would hire another car on the same night). When I asked the Holiday Autos rep to ask them about the excess - as they must have taken one since I didn't buy their insurance - they provided a final invoice which showed I'd approved a 600 Euro swipe on my Visa Debit card. Which I hadn't. This then became an issue of my word against their fake documentation, and I have lost. Holiday Autos have told me there is nothing they can do to help me, so American Express are now following up their own investigation, which could take 8 weeks. In the meantime, I am more than £190 out of pocket on what was meant to be a cheap rental.

    I believe Goldcar (in Murcia airport at least) are running a scam. Banking on people not reading their statements properly, thus adding the odd amount on here and there and getting away with it,

    My lesson is to not go for the cheapest car hire, read reviews extensively, and share this on every forum so no one ever has the misfortune of dealing with Goldcar's thieving and Holiday Auto's inadequate and upsetting service. (Apologies if you read this elsewhere in another forum but I am going to try and post this as extensively as possible)

  • Ad
      29th of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    I absolutely agree with the above comments. I found our what Goldcar were intending to charge for petrol and insurance upon collection of a car at Palma airport and I declined to take it. I cancelled the reservation but there is a 40 euro fee for cancellation. I am glad I cancelled, although I think 40 euro for cancellation is outrageous when cancellation was because of undisclosed charges (insurance and full tank of fuel)
    However I think I got off lightly compared with some customers who got charged massive amounts for mythical damage, missing spare wheels, cracked windscreens, etc.
    Someone should stop these companies trading. We also have to beware of the bucket shops selling car hire, as you don't know your deal is with Goldcar until after completing the transaction. We booked ours with who are equally guilty of fraud by dealing with these highly notorious scammers.

  • Go
      11th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    I rented a small 4 door car from Almeria airport from Goldcar via a third party and have been using them for years without any problems.
    However after returning home in September I received an email from them (Goldcar) saying that they had swiped 600€ from my credit card as I had damaged the sump and sent a picture of a sump and a picture of the number plate.
    I happen to be a mechanic and have been for 50 years, also I have fitted many of those sumps on that particular make and model of car because they are notorious for being easily damaged, so much so that I keep a couple in stock.
    I actually buy these sumps for £40 trade and you are only allowed an hour to fit them (according to autodata time)and with oil and filter the charge is normally approx. £200
    When I protested the reply was "this is our policy"
    My credit card firm fought it for me and at the moment seem to have won, but only time will tell !
    And yes they all charge a fortune to fill them up with fuel and it's just about impossible to return them empty, I dare say if you ran out of fuel in the car park they would try and charge you for something !!!

  • Go
      14th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    Dear Victoria R
    I appreciate you replying but most "normal" people don't take too kindly to having money taken out of their bank account without at least having the common decency of at least pre warning them !
    As regards the "repair" that I didn't know anything about, I suggest that you find a mechanic in future that can fit a sump to that particular type of car in a lot less time than you charged me, I know that you are claiming "loss of hire" but you are charging me more than the initial over two week hire charge that I paid, so you are saying it took all that time ? Being in business for 45 years I understand logistics and customer care, it appears that Goldcar should have a rethink !
    It's a pity as not only have you lost me personally hiring one of your cars at least four times a year but also friends and family that use our holiday home.
    Last of all if people can believe even half of the complaints on various complaint blog sites about Goldcar then that is still too many !!!

  • Ma
      9th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    first of all i have to start off by saying that i have rented from Goldcar many times. Generally have always been given a brand new or nearly new car. so i have never had any problems with their vehicles.
    However, last week we arrived almeria airport. Small airport. There were approximately 3 flights in at that time. The queue for our vehicle at the Goldcar desk was 2 hours long. Almost as long as the flight. I have waited an hour or more for goldcar in the past. This was very bad though. I will never ever use Goldcar again.

  • Ca
      14th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    I am just back from a 5 day break in Italy and really wish I had reviewed GoldCar before I went.I booked through and never again to both companies.I purchased excess protection through the 3rd party and on arrival at Rome was told this was useless but only after asking why my expected charged of 37 euro for an additional driver was now 252 euro.The lady under duress said 100 euro for protection, 100 euro for fuel(on an opel corsa) and the bal for the driver.Utter rubbish.My own car is far bigger and only takes 80 euro to fill.After taking ages to process and driving home to me how i was unprotected and would have to pay 1200 euro if anything happened which would be very likely by the way she was going on I finally went to the car.The same car that was covered in scratches that were not logged on her copy of what the condition was.She refused to come to the car and told us to fill in the sheet ourselves.All through the holiday the car's full power was 65 miles and you felt that you were driving uphill even while on flat roads.On delivering back the car the same lady was present at the desk and her customer service skills had not improved.Loadly greeting me as the "1 with no insurance" she took 15 mins to come and check the car which she did with a magnifying glass(in an effort to keep all or some of the crazy dep of 1200 not 800 as quoted online).Eventually she said all was ok but reading all these review's i am not worrying that they will rob my credit card and i will have all this trouble the other's have had.I have already complained to and am reporting both companies to the relevant authorities.SCAM artist's the pair of them-do NOT hire from them!!!

  • Ne
      17th of Jun, 2014
    +2 Votes

    Lets hit GOLDCAR where it really hurts!
    Everyone that has a rental from them with full insurance should drive the car into the nearest sea/wall/ lamppost
    Cause as much damage as possible before returning the mess to GOLDCAR offices and leave with the satisfaction that their insurance policy will soon be increased in price to a level which will drive them out of business!!
    We can do this if we unite against them!
    p.s. take full precautions to protect yourself and any other road users from harm when purposely damaging your rental car. Sugar in the fuel tank is also highly effective but less noticeable

  • Mi
      17th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    Do NEVER use Goldcar as rental car company...NEVER!!
    As one said, it's the Ryanair of car rentals...and that's not positive!
    Rented a car on the web for Palma and 1 one week, got an extra fee on 120 euro for insurance and 120 euro for a full tank...which they wanted to re-pay when car was returned and to see how much gasoline/diesel you have used...we deliverd the car with 75% tan full, and got less than 10% in return...SCAM!!!

  • Ro
      27th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    They use scam to steal your money .
    They don't have the cars the offer (Octavia is a similar to Passt for them, they never had or have one)
    Firs they over charge for the fuel .110 euro .
    They offer extra insurance of 170 euro for 11 days and if you will not accept at return they will shoe you the smallest scratch you did not see
    ( they will not show you the car history so the same scratch is used for every one hiring the car )
    Then you are charged hundreds euros from a 1100 euro deposit they take at the start.

    If they can do this so long time and to many customers it is also a problem with SPAIN as a country hoe needs tourists .

  • La
      7th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    Just checking my accounts for 2013. Paid Autoeurope 154€ for 10-day car hire from Faro last September. Turns out the actual cost of the hire was €448.91. We were charged €294.45 for the car at the airport and didn't even realise this was additional. We also did the queuing for 1.5hrs. What a rip-off! Don't hire with this company.

  • Pa
      16th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    Just returned from Spain where I had the misfortune to use goldcar at Alicante airport. Arrived after midnight and when I got to pick up the car (a ford focus) it was clear it had been in various accidents. Both front wings were damaged, panel beneath passenger wing was missing, covered in scratches and dents, door seals on drivers side were hanging off, parcel shelf was damaged, the car was dirty and unbeknown to me at the time, the cigarette lighter didn't work so my sat nav died after 3 days.

    I returned to main terminal to complain and the goldcar assistant (Sergio) couldn't care less. He was rude, didn't listen, talked over me, told me he knew what I was going to say etc etc. I did not want to drive a car in that condition but he refused to change it and maintained the car was mechanically sound. As it was the early hours I reluctantly took it and complained 3 times by email. Goldcar still haven't responded. I phoned after 3 days and the customer care advisor finally offered a replacement car to the heap of junk originally provided to me. However, they wanted me to drive back to alicante airport (45 mins away, with no functioning sat nav) to collect the replacement and fill it up with petrol! I requested a refund but they refused. Needless to say I didn't return.

    On return to the UK I discovered that they charged me €30 to clean the car (sand in the boot apparently! Imagine going to a beach resort and getting some sand in the car). The price of the petrol refund was laughable especially given how much they actually charged me for a full tank (around €140!!!). They had also converted my bill to £ from € without an appropriate explanation and the exchange rate is in their favour.

    I complained on return home but I've still not had any response from them. I am going to inform watchdog on bbc1 and complain to my credit card company. I'm also going to leave as many online reviews for goldcar as possible. If goldcar happen to read this, I'll save you the time and effort of a re-reply. My reservation number is 7116355

  • To
      4th of Nov, 2014
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    Me and my family have used Goldcar several times and have - until now - newer had any issues with them. But now we have ended up in a worst case scenario for beeing accused of stealing one of their cars. We did a quick drop off at Malaga Airport and handed over the carkeys to a person at the garage-office. Everything went smoothly and we checked in to our flight back home to Sweden. One day after returning the car I got an email from Goldcar telling me that the contract had expired and I was requested to return the car as soon as possible. Which I already had done! They charged me for 40€ from my creditcard which was a penalty for not returning the car which - of course - was returned. In the email they asked me to contact them as soon as possible which I did, I called the telephonenumber in the email but the person I talked to explained I was calling the wrong instance. I had to answer by email and have now (3 weeks later) emailed and emailed without any reponses. There's no headquarter or no other telephonenumber to contact Goldcar, just an emailadress to contact them - and they don't respond (I've tried with three different emailadresses). I've contacted the swedish police and other helpful instances so that I'm prepared if they should go any further.
    I've newer in my whole life met a more irresponsible company! First accusing me for stealing one of their cars and then not respond to my emails. I've details over the course of event and my wife and son are witness to all of this. I adwise no one in the whole world to use Goldcar! Stay away from them and use a serious car-rental company!

  • To
      7th of Nov, 2014
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    Ok, thanks to Victoria R I finally got the news I was waiting for: I'm not suspected for stealing a car from Goldcar. It was all a mistake and the only complain I have is that it took so long to get answers. But I'm really happy that I'm not have to think about this anymore.

  • Sa
      30th of Jun, 2015
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    Ok, I tend to be a fair person and rarely over exaggerate, but really, this was the worst customer service ever (and I am not talking just car hire. ... ever).
    So, after two beautiful days in Lisbon, we came to the Lisbon International airport to pick up our pre-booked, pre-paid car from Goldcar. And it was a shock to see a long queue to their desk, a queue that span through a long corridor with some people standing outside on the sun. People with small children, older people, families, many are tired after their flights. People at the start of the queue were waiting for five hours to get there.
    First we've attempted to cancel the booking and re-book with one of other companies (prices there were a bit higher, but no queues outside their desks). But you couldn't cancel that pre-paid rate... we've tried using their online check in option hoping it'd speed up or process. No success. .. We called Holiday Autos, our broker, they couldn't do anything for us. Over one hundred people were trapped in the queue.
    We started queuing at 14:00 and got our car at 18:00.
    Once we reached the desk, the hidden charge saga has started. No wonder why every client took them so long to process: almost every client was arguing, asking questions, complaining. Some were coming back after getting their keys and checking the cars. One couple had to come back as their Fiat Punto was missing a side mirror :-)...
    Of course there was a push to buy a very expensive CDW insurance from them. Because we had a third party insurance, we had to go, check our car, mark all the damages (ourselves), bring the paper back after waiting in another, but shorter, queue. And as an additional punishment for not buying their CDW, we were told we had to stand in this long queue again to drop off the car at the end of our rental :-) this is not acceptable.
    The car itself was relatively new, but had a lot of scratches. I wonder if we didn't notice anything at the beginning of our rental. Would they claim we are liable?..
    I expect a lady from Goldcar will respond to this review saying she is so sorry we had such a terrible experience, but this won't change anything. The queue will still be there so will the hidden charges and rude, tired, stressed staff at thier desks.
    I do not recommend this provider.Pay a little more and choose another company. Beware and stay away from the Goldcar!

  • Le
      16th of Jul, 2015
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    I booked a car a Ford C-Max through Goldcar to collect at Mallorca Airport on Saturday 27th June 12.30 pm. I was in the queue for almost two hours and the booking process took about 25 minutes even though I had booked the drivers in on line.
    It was over lunch time and the staff went off to take lunch and no lunch time cover was provided so six staff were reduced to one or two staff members for most of the time. Priority bookings cause further delay with people being able to jump the queue.
    I was told they had 800 cars booked out.
    I had full comprehensive insurance cover booked through Goldcar.
    At the end of the booking in process I was told there is one further matter; I was told I had to leave a deposit of Euros 1, 200 against damage to the car or pay an insurance premium of Euros 120.00. I was told I had to be warned Goldcar would deduct Euros 100 for every small scratch they found.
    I paid the Euros 120 otherwise we would not have got the car. It brought the cost up to about the same as reputable companies
    Even though I was 2 hours late collecting it the car was not ready and no one could find the key.
    One reason for the delay was the people at the front complaining about the delay and poor service and the additional insurance charge.
    Leonard Crane Hook Hampshire

  • Pa
      7th of Sep, 2015
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    Goldcar screwed me too!
    How many complaints about fraudulent malpractise do this scumb@g company have to commit before someone in authority does something about it. What do they do all day in the European Parliament? Shouldn't they be protecting consumers against these rogues. Unfortunately the man on the street gets screwed over time and again! If you know your MEP, give him/her a right earful and tell them to get off their fat over fed a$$es and do something to earn their money, rather than debating the size and shape of imported bananas and such like.

    Never ever be tempted to use this outfit. Also beware when booking through an online broker... insist you are told who the supplier is. Cancel if it's Goldcar.

    Just as an example a picture of one the fine cars they forced me and my family to rent in Italy. Not a panel left unmarked.

  • Pe
      25th of Nov, 2015
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    Hired a car in Tenerife last week with Goldcar. Not informed or offered extra insurance which I would have declined as I have car hire insurance through Charged £109.66 for 7 days insurance which I did not need. Have emailed Goldcar but have received a standard reply. Contract number is 8886394 for Victoria the Goldcar representative if that helps
    Peter Jeffery

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