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I herewith regret to inform you that we absolutely despise your service. Unfortunately, your very competent sales person advised that we rather pay upfront for the next 2 years. What a clever tactic, here we were thinking of saving a few bucks. Never once did we suspect that your motives were to trap us in your evil claws.

Since we are losing tons of money due to email downtime, I asked one of your consultants if I could get my money back because your service is NOT working. I mean, surely if you buy a TV and it does not work, you should be able to get your money back? Right, I mean, that kind of makes sense… I was very politely told that if I read and understood the refund policy, your company would only refund me in “ Dollars.” This clearly is not a refund as it forces us to spend money with your immoral company again. The reason we want to leave is because your service does NOT work…

You guys need to understand that email downtime costs your loyal clients’ money. We are a business, we are not friends sitting around a camp fire. If your service does not work, it affects our staff and their families. They work 100% on commission and rely 100% on email. Obviously, you guys don’t know the importance of production in a third world country. We can’t afford to lose even 2 hours, let alone 2 days.

I have spoken to more than one consultant over the past 2 days, in all cases I was told to gently sit back and relax… Why don’t we just go on holiday until it’s resolved? This is somewhat difficult when you can’t conduct business during one of the busiest times of the year… As a direct result of your downtime, we are losing clients and other valuable business. Our service gets rated negatively as people do not believe that our emails are not working. I mean, why would they work, we are an online business…

So then, it comes to complaining. I have sent in numerous complaints via your “Survey”. I have not once even received an acknowledgement of receipt… Wow, that’s really professional… I also left a negative comment on your Facebook, only to discovery that you your deceitful company only approve positive comments. That says a lot…

I find it ironic that your Facebook cover page says “The least stressful part of your day” – According to me that is the worst statement I have seen in my life. I’m about to get a stress related heart attack directly as a result of your email downtime.
Nevertheless, hey, at least I have a large following of local web developers, graphic designers, SEO consultants, etc. I will make sure that I spread the word. I will share my story…

I am EXTREMELY disappointed that a company as established as cares so little about client satisfaction and basic uptime…

Hoping that you resolve your issues as soon as possible.

A VERY dissatisfied Customer

Jan 15, 2015
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  • El
      Apr 21, 2017

    i AM currently living a nightmare with GODADDY my site has been down for more than a month!

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