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I tried to access my website '' today and was unable to. I logged into GoDaddy and saw that my domain registration had expired. My first complaint is that I received no notification of this. I have been with GoDaddy for several years and I usually receive email notification.

I called GoDaddy support (the UK number), renewed and asked why I wasnt notified. I was told that four emails were sent. I checked my email meticulously and they weren't. So I had to pay a recovery fee I was told by the operator that my website would be up and running in ten minutes.

When I called back at approximately 13.45 today I spoke to Michael. He was very rude and practically called me a liar saying that the previous operator wouldnt have told me that. I was extremely angry. If I had got this rude person the first time I wouldnt have renewed.

My client number is [protected]

Nov 19, 2017

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