GoDaddy Operating Companylocked out of account!!

So I recently have needed to buy a domain for work. I did this through Godaddy because it sounded easy. Unfortunately, issues first arose merely two days in, when I was sent an email asking for me to send a copy of my passport. I am hesitant to send my passport details (let alone a scanned copy!) to anyone. I tried to send a response highlighting this issue, to no avail. My account then locked me out.

I have therefore attempted to register to 123reg, and transfer the domain. At this point I realised I needed access to an Auth Code, so I attempted to get that organised. I tried and tried again to log in to my account. Nothing. I then followed up with using my account number, and stated that I forgot my password. They apparently have sent an email to assist to the other account I have (the same account they have sent 7 emails to mind!)

However, somehow in this debauched nightmare that has been my forey into Godaddy, this email has not arrived. So now, I have no auth code, no domain, several very important emails (I think, as I have no way of knowing) stuck in the nowhereland, and now a thouroughly blocked account.

I request a full refund, information as to how the final email was unable to find the same way as the others, and that for future sufferers, an email service to complain to if needs be! How one can be expected to wait 1h30 on hold I have no idea!

Please oh please, call me or email as soon as possible!

account no: [protected]

May 30, 2018

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