Go, Inc. / poor service

14455 Hayden Rd. ste 226, Scottsdale, AZ, United States
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Phone: 4805058828

On November 14, 2009, I purchased two (2) domain names from Go after discussing with them that I wanted the 2nd domain name to forward to the first. They stated that could be done when I start building my website.

On February 16, 2010, I purchased the Quick Shopping Cart web development package from Go Daddy to get my site and project started.

I found the section in which I could have my 2nd domain name forward to my first. According to Go Daddy, I selected their default domain name of which there was no option, pull down menu nor could I type it in to select this option. I reminded them that the 2nd domain name is an acronym for the 1st for the purpose of making it easier for customers to find my site. I reminded them that there would be no reason to select or use their default domain name.

The week I began testing my site, I found that my 2nd domain name forwarded to a Go Daddy Sponsored advertising page. I called tech support service and they assured me that the problem was fixed. Later when I would check this, I would get the same Go Daddy Sponsor page. This happened at least 4 times even to the extent of arguing with raised voices. I told them that my advertising starts this weekend and I need this fixed permanently before I spend money promoting the 2nd domain name in my radio ads. I called them Friday Night before midnight as well since I had weekend overnight commercials scheduled. The tech support person said it was working properly and I had nothing to worry about.

On-line on Monday morning, I typed in my 2 domain name and it took me to the same Go Daddy Sponsored page. All weekend, all of my customers went to the same Go Daddy Sponsored page. I had no sales.

I called tech support. The tech told me that there was a problem when opening my account and that there was an additional line added to my forwarding request. He was obviously the first tech that actually opened my account to provide assistance, but the weekend was over and all of my advertising dollars had gone to the Go Daddy Sponsored advertising page.

Later, it was explained that the reason that I was getting the same error page was that the wrong page was on my server and it had to recognize the correct address. It was explained that once the address is on a server, it speeds searching by recognizing a previous search. Further, it was explained that once it was an error on the server, everyone using that server would get the same error.

I told them this was unsatisfactory. I told them that I called numerous times and was told it was working properly (feels as though it may have been intentional). I told them that all radio station ads promoted that web address and everyone was forwarded to the Go Daddy advertising page. I paid for their advertising. I demanded that they reimburse me the $342.00 I spent.

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