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Gmac Mortgage / fraud, fraud, fraud

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I took out a mortgage with gmac mortgage in 2001. When the initial payment due date was near I did not receive a statement. Not wishing to be accused of making a late payment I contacted gmac by phone and requested the address to make the payment. I was given an address and sent the payment prior to due date.

I was never given credit for the payment. Gmac kept accusing me of failing to make the payment for over two years. During this period I was in touch wit them numerous times on this matter but never got any satisfaction.

Two years later I took out a new mortgage and paid gmac off. After the new loan had closed gmac finally returned my payment by sending it to the escrow company that handled the new loan.

In 2008 I checked my credit reports and found gmac had been and was still sending negative reports to the credit reporting bureaus. I contact gmac and asked that this be corrected. I got a letter stating that they need further information. This in spite of the fact I gave them the complete loan number at the time of my complaint.

To this date I have not received any further correspondence from gmag nor has the credit report error been corrected.

I consider their actions slanderous a damaging to my credit and reputation.

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  • Ro
      5th of Nov, 2009
    +4 Votes

    I had a variable rate mortgage with GMAC. a couple of years ago they informed me they were soon to reset, I asked to have my interest rate reduced, they refused to discuss. I was soon contacted by a company called Hurricain Mortgage, they offered an 8.5% 30 year fixed rate and told me this a one time offer that I should take even though I was sure I could not show ability to repay. That was a perfect example of predatory lending as they were obviously in cahoots with GMAC You may ask why I believe this, that's easy Gmac bought the loan before it was a signed deal! The appraiser was no doubt in bed with them as she appraised the house for $250, 000.00, a nice round number taht allowed me to borrow $225, 000.00 which paid off most of my depts. However at 69 years old I had to go back to work in order to make the payments. I am now 71 and still working but now have heart problems and don't know how much longer I will be able to work. My payment is due on the first but they give a grace period of 14 days, therefore I never make the payment before the 14th. They now call each Month from India, the person calling is barely inteligable and I am pissed to no end. I think since GMAC took our tax money that will love what I propose. I think the house may appraise for $150, 000.00 by a real bank appraiser and I am willing to sell it for that as long as my debt is cleared.
    As a foot note: They took our tax money to bail them out but the still out source there telephone business to India. " Great American Company SLOBS!
    10 mins ago by Robert Rodney Vance 0 Votes

    I can only say you are all a bunch of crooks!

  • Pm
      14th of Oct, 2010
    +4 Votes

    In 2006 I was defrauded by Homecomings Financial who was owned by GMAC. When Homecomings went under GMAC took over my loans. The Mortgage Broker, John Somers of Adventure Mortgage, along with David Karcher of Homecomings/GMAC stated terms to me which were then set-out in my Good Faith and Truth-in-Lending Statements. At the closing table certain facts were not clear. I, in front of witnessses, questioned the terms which were explained to me, in detail, by John Somers, David Karcher, the closing attorney-Stuart Garner who was on the phone with another Homecomings/GMAC rep who, as Stuart defined, was in complete agreement with what was being represented to me. Certain documentation was promised to me which I was told would outline the stated terms in more precise detail. I signed the Note under the guidance of John Somers, David Karcher and Stuart Garner - IN BIRMINGHAM, AL. Upon receiving my first Statement, in Feb. 2007, there were discrepancies which prompted me to phone Homecomings/GMAC with said discrepancies never being explained. I was and have since been treated with such ongoing abuse by GMAC it is incomprehensible. I AM A SINGLE WOMAN ATTEMPTING TO CARE FOR MYSELF AND MY 80 YEAR-OLD MOTHER. I HAVE WORKED EXTREMELY HARD ALL MY LIFE TO ACCOMPLISH THE PURCHASE OF MY HOME.

    The promised documentation outlining the precise details never arrived. GMAC began to immediately threaten foreclosure, although I was in touch with Tony Renzi/CEO, attempting to act in GOOD FAITH. Tony Renzi and other executives with GMAC have tortured me since 2007. I was forced to file a lawsuit in April, 2007 in an effort to save my home and to protect me and my Mother. Mother and I have compounded health issues related to this horrific, torturous situation perpetrated upon me.


    I have contacted the U.S. Attorney, the FBI who have told me to contact the FTC, etc. We ALL know the FTC is in coersion with the Lenders as is our Government in general. PLEASE, PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP MOTHER AND I CONTACT ME AT 205.706.1211.

  • Pm
      4th of Apr, 2013
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    John Somers - Adventure Mortgage CANNOT be trusted. Please, please do not entrust John with any matter related to your finances or your money. He is a very dishonest, unscrupulous, immoral person regardless of his affiliation with church, 'perceived powerful' entities in the community, etc. He is extremely self-serving and will go to any lengths to make money in any way possible. John will not hesitate to destroy your life.

  • Tr
      30th of Jun, 2018
    +1 Votes

    John Somers, his complicit wife and certain of their 'associations' will not hesitate to destroy a family''s life all in pursuit of pilfering as much of your money as possible. DISHONEST, UNETHICAL, IMMORAL - Cannot be trusted on ANY level. These people go to church and present themselves as good and holy.
    They are NOT.
    EVIL and GREEDY best describes them. They have proven their true character.
    PLEASE do not entrust these people!!!

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