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Gmac / apathetic company

1 CA, United States

Listen to my story... i lose my income in June, 2008... obviously a problem considering i have a $619 monthly payment each month, including my other bills. Meanwhile, GM is hemorraghing money and needs one bailout after another. So GM is begging for money to keep their business alive, yet harrassing its individual car owners for money who are broke due to unemployment. I proved to them my unemployment letter and have been looking for income since. GM is performing illegal acts of treason against US Citizens. On one hand, I have paid income taxes for 25 years to support the American Gov't, and then my gov't turns around and bails out the company who is threatening to repossess my car. Well the car got repossessed last week. if you take the approximate bailout money received by GM of $44 billion and divide it by an average vehicle cost of $15, 000 a piece, the number of free cars given to GM equates to 2.8 million. GM needs to give the taxpayers their due by putting a moratoriam on repossessions this year. A company like GM cant take money on one end (gov't), and hurt individuals who are struggling on the other end. Its stories like mine, and I am informing people about my situation which will cement GM's history as a defunct company. Myself or my friends will never buy another car built by GM. GM is about as much anti-American as AL Queda. I will keep telling my story and contribute to GM's final demise.


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