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Gmac Bank / discrimination

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I wish to file four (4) complaints against gmac bank.

Gmac bank has not given the same equal opportunity to open accounts and earn the higher interest rates they advertise on t. V. To all who apply. Thus I wish to also file complaints of false advertising over television against gmac bank due to this. And I wish to file complaints against gmac bank for discriminating against me for having had to place a fraud alert on my credit reports by refusing to properly identify applicants effectively thus intentionally refusing accounts thus intentionally refusing to allow me to earn the higher interest rates advertised on television.

Gmac bank has been advertising higher interest rates over television.

In may of 2008 I had applied to open a $1000.00 cd at the higher interest rate offered. Gmac bank never called me on the account. I finally had to contact gmac bank to request information on opening the account. I was informed that they had received the information and they requested I fax a copy of my drivers license. Then gmac bank requested I fax the drivers license twelve more times. No one could ever tell me why they wanted so many copies of my drivers license, but no one would help me either. I finally called charter bank and charter bank verified me over the phone using information from my credit report and opened the cd at a lower interest rate.

After that I sent another application to open an account to gmac bank. And there was no reply from gmac bank at all. I then in january of 2009 sent an application to open a savings account with gmac bank at the higher interest rate advertised on television. I never heard from gmac bank even though I sent in a copy of my drivers license, a bank statement for a checking account which I had used to fund the new account, my most recent paystub giving my name address and social security number, copy of a statement sent to me by charter bank on my ira cd's that also gave my name address and social security number and a copy of my most recent $100.00 us savings bond also giving my name address and social security number. When I called I was informed that they had received the application and $10.00 check and that they would be calling me in 4 to 5 days. I never received a call at all. Instead gmac bank returned everything to me denying an account as not being able to identify me. Gmac bank did not even try to identify me at all. I have sent all of that information and proof of identity to the federal reserve of atlanta ga with complaint of discrimination in banking. Gmac bank has not even tried to verify me by calling me to verify with credit report info.
In 4 attempts to open accts I have only been called once by gmac bank without helping me at all.

I sent a new application with identifying information to gmac bank in february of 2009. Gmac bank finally called me at my job and asked that I return the call. When I got home I called gmac bank new accounts. I was then asked to fax my drivers license more than once again. Upon my next call same day, february 9, 2009, I was told that by the girl that answered that she had opened many accounts that day for others who opened their accounts with even less than I had asked to open my account for. When I asked this girl why the discrimination against me? Why if gmac bank would open accounts for others but would not at all work with me or contact me to verify me; I asked why the discrimination against me? The girl replied to me, "I see you have a fraud alert placed on your credit file". And I told her that was no reason to discriminate against me. I asked to speak with a manager. I was told that there was no manager there or available and that she would take my information and have a manager call me on february 10, 2009. That call has never come in. Gmac bank then has discriminated against me because I have had to place fraud alerts on my credit reports thus using this to refuse to identify those who apply for accounts as I am a prime example.

Thus gmac bank, by not giving the same equal and fair opportunity to bank services, fails everyone.

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  • Ka
      3rd of May, 2012
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    I would echo your comments and add that #GMAC Mortgages discriminates against Veterans. Long story short, I was purchasing a short sale where they were the primary lender. The deal was agreed upon until the 2nd lienholder asked for their share of the money. I was utilizing closing allowances that #GMAC had granted, in addition to covering $5k that GMAC wanted the seller to provider. My lender also allowed me to increase the sales price to make all lienholders happy in order to close the deal. #GMAC then canceled the contract because they we not getting as much as they though; put the house back on the market, and then disallowed VA to be a funding source! Straight DISCRIMINATION against VETERANS. Considering us taxpayers were forced to bail these guys out a few years ago from filing bankruptcy, you think they would have better sense. DO NOT USE GM, GMAC OR ALLY BANK for anything! GREEDY!

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