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I received a NOtice of Legal Actrion form Globe Teleocomes for not paying my internet bill of P3900 and in the letter i got it say that i need to pay P11, 000+ how come. Is Globe really sending this Legal notice from arboladura marcelo & associates law offices...

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  • Ch
      15th of Apr, 2014

    i also encountered the above situation, i'm just wondering why globe telecom didn't trained very well their agent. Because i live in a province i just ask their agent to disconnect my internet, they answered me, that the globe will automatically disconnect it. After the incident i receive a legal demand saying i have to pay a total amount of 9, 036.98. my concerned is, why globe Telecom didn't advice their agent to explained to their customers what their company DO''S and DONT. How can i pay that amount ASAP if i don't have a money? i think GT always do that just to collect and collect money. do i need to pay that?

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  • Di
      14th of Aug, 2014

    I also received that Notice of Legal Actions and demanded me to appear to settle the issue where in fact I'm already residing in Canada and attempted a couple of times to terminate my plan since we will be migrating in Canada for good even before we came here and I also asked to be automatically terminated when it reaches it due date of 2 years and the CSR affirmed that it will be automatically terminate the account . The plan supposedly be terminated September 2013 but my father who is using the account still receiving the load of 300php which accumulated for 2100 but I haven't received any email or text message regarding this matter not until now August 14, 2014. I only received an email with attached pdf file the bills but the file is protected and cannot be open? IF THEY CANNOT REACHED THE CUSTOMER THROUGH CALL WHY NOT EMAIL?

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  • La
      10th of Oct, 2014

    I receive a text message today saying that my cell phone post paid account has been endorsed to their office which is Arboladura Marcelo Law Office. The funny thing is, my post paid plan which I abandoned after not being happy or satisfied with their services is Smart Communications. Now it makes me wonder if Globe Telecoms and Smart Communications really have the same consulting law office???

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  • Gh
      19th of Oct, 2014

    i have received a letter from ARQUILLO DELA CRUZ and ASSOCIATES LAW OFFICE stating that i have an unpaid balance to smart bro internet..after i have receive the letter 5 minutes ago a text message from an unknown number texted me saying the same information but different Law kinda confuse why there are too law firm??would you recommend me to pay the said unpaid bill?

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  • Pi
      14th of Mar, 2019

    @gheemazz Hi, reading this. What happened to your unpaid bills? Thank you in advance

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  • So
      27th of Oct, 2015
    Best Best Advice

    Guys, come to think of it.

    Someone from a law firm would text you informing you that they would file a lawsuit against you for not paying your unsettled bill, when in fact, paying/hiring an attorney is much costly than chasing you on your unpaid account. Nothing to worry then.. :)

    They just want you to pay your bill. That's all. :D The lawfirm thing is true though.

    (My professor (and is an attorney) on Negotiable Instruments wayback in college, once taught us that..)

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  • Je
      28th of Nov, 2015

    Hi guys i received a same complaint from alboladura mercelo law firm its just very dissapointing because after 8 months they contact my family from the philippines to let me know that i have outstanding balance from them if i dint pay them they are filing a complaint against me., , i asked my sister to cancel my post paid plan for me since i left the philippines 6 months ago but they dint let her they said i have to come over in person to cancel my plan which is very inconvient for me . I tried calling but nobody answering their land line to cancel my plan i thought i should just let it be ...after 8 months their saying they are going to file a complaint against me.. I never use their service because i'm not satisfied on their service and now i have p5500 unpaid balance with no further notice from them

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  • Eo
      9th of Jan, 2016

    A Copy of Protective Order for MINERVA TOLIBAS of ADA LAW OFFICE

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  • Ch
      12th of Apr, 2016



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  • Om
      14th of Jul, 2018

    Related issue...

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  • Je
      6th of Feb, 2019


    I had a DSL connection with bayantel with a lock in period for 2 years term. The service was ok for 6 month not until it was taken over by Globe connection is intermitten mostly no internet servic for 3 months. I called customer service on the week 1 to consult the issue and it was forwarded to technical line and have not receive much help. Problem continues for 3 months with no proper service . I requested to cut the line and was advised that its automatically cut as agreed although it did not happen. Been calling support several times but no resolution provided thanks to thier poor service.
    Now the law firm is calling to settle the unpaid bill or they will file a case . Is this fair? They demand to pay the 3 month bill with no internet connection provided.

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