Globe Telecompostpaid plans

I've been a globe subscriber since 2012. During that time i'm in group plan for 1499 and added 1 single line last 2013. But last year i decided to seperate my accounts for group plans. Since then the problem start group plan has been separated and 2 numbers are been disconnected however the only line left on the group plan keep consuming data and keep charging me for fee which is still in group plan. And the other additional line acvount is worst since account was been separated last july 2014 we found out recently that the line was connected to a different account holder and account number. And befire we try to use the wrong account number to pay our bills without knowing that itis the wrong account cause it was been provided by the system generated *143# si we are comfirtably that it is the right account and when the line suddenly disconnected last august, i called their hotline but the last consultant didnt gave me the reason why it was disconnected. Until i spoke to jp consultants name and foundiut that there is somethings wrong with the account and after that we went to globe store and show the text messages the lady from globe said that we have differentacvount number and the account number that wa been register to *143# is incorrect. Since july our payment are updated however it was been deposit to incorrect account they advc us ti submit a sample receipt but we dont have it anymore and try to explain it to them but instead of help they trying to accuse us that we really not paying our bills, now that line is disconnected and according to last cinsultant when we tried to call the hotline yesterday it is already been cancelled and nothing can do on that account, to think that it's not our fault if they provide us wrong account and they want us to pay the 8000 reflected on the correct account cause we dont have anymore the copy of our receipt.

Jan 10, 2015

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