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I have been a loyal globe consumer for almost 15+ years.i normally pay my bill every few months as it is a corporate account, and was never a problem before.i've accumulated an outstanding bill of 93t for 4 months due to majority, data roaming, which i rarely use at all.i have a requested credit limit set at is 20t a month, which means that when i reach such amount, they are obliged to disconnect my line automatically..or atleast let me know via text, call, or e-mail.this has not been done, and now i am stuck with the matter, and a huge bill, because they overlooked my specific deal/pact with globe.i will bring this complaint up with them tomorrow, and if they do not discard of my excess amount due, i will definitely seek immediate, legal action.this is a breach of contract, and is very serious case or litigation against them.i hope that this comes to their utmost concern.due to my privacy, i will remain anonymous as of now.please be aware of this concern of mine, and others im sure, having other loyal globe subscriber friends of mine undergo similar instances/problems with globe.thank you, and i expect that you uphold your name, and deliver in every aspect professionally.

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  • Sa
      Sep 12, 2011

    Well, mine is not a complain but an inquiry if you authorize a person without valid Identification connecting internet connections for only 2oo pesos a month without receipt;monthly collections will be made made his kumpare without ID card from Globe. The process of connections made through assigning password to existing globe modems, then this person connects hundreds of modems in our place in Paranas Western, Samar zip code 6703. I am interested to have internet connections from globe but I make sure that this is legal. Thank You for favorable action on this. I hope you have time to check this unauthorized person using the name of globe Phils.

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  • Re
      Sep 16, 2011

    help, brother subscribed internet from GLOBE Telecom 1.999/month. After a few months he wasnt able to pay so the Globe disconnected the internet. Fair enough. After a while the lawyer keeps calling and harrassing him to pay. So I took over and try to negotiate if I can pay installment. He was like, not a person at all. he's stict to the payment plan he made. I tried to talk thru email to Globe representative and they said since the plan is historic, I can pay in installment basis. There you go I thought it's a relief. But this lawyer still calling saying this month they're expecting FULL payment. what can I do????

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  • Ma
      Nov 10, 2011

    To Globetelecom
    December of 2010 you have promo of free Cellphone for plan 1, 295... I was not able to get your free Cellphone... after 2 weeks of connecting your Landline and Internet to our home you send your first bill... on the first few months the line was ok we have access but as time goes your service becomes poor in a month sometimes two we have to line for 2 weeks no internet sometimes no last week of october 2011 we have to internet access and no telephone line... we pay our account in full but your service is very poor... What can you do to improve your access...or should i cut my subscription in your company? thanks Ma. Cecilia Parole-Aguilar Tel Nos.7948011

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  • Je
      Mar 18, 2012

    I went to Thailand last month and while there, I registered to their BDU service incrementally for three days since I wasn't sure if it was going to work on the first day. When my statement came in, I was only expecting an additional 1200++ charge for BDU, but to my surprise, Globe is charging me 134K for data services that I used abroad while registered to their BDU service. :|

    Any advice on what should I do? What happens if I don't pay? Will I get sued or worse, arrested? I really have no plans of paying 134K for phone and internet charges that I avoided in the first place by registering to BDU.

    I hope for your reply. And any input will really be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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