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I called the Customer Service to ask for a credit against unreasonable "local charges and games subscriptions". I told the agent that I did not subscribe to anything, and that I just noticed 2 days ago that I had been deducted 5 pesos daily since the 28th of December. I needed to ask for Supervisor, since the agent can't give me any specific answer to my request. I spoke to a supervisor named PAUL ( ID #: 477590), and he was so disrespectful. He raised his voice and didn't even listen to me. I asked him to stop over talking me, and try to understand my frustration. He instead raised his voice and told me to listen to him, whilst I told him that I got his point, and that it's time for him to listen to me. He then told me that they are not robots. I didn't even tell him that he is a Robot, what I just asked is for him to listen, but he refused. I asked if there is another supervisor available, since he is not giving me a resolution, but he lied by saying that he is the only supervisor available. I needed to end the call, for I know that my concern will not be resolved by the misbehaved SUPERVISOR.

Please do some action in order to provide a better Customer Interaction and Service, review our conversation.

Also, kindly check the charges deducted to my account and provide the refund.

Globe Reference #: [protected]
Globe Reference #: [protected]
Globe Reference #: [protected]

DATE/TIME of CALL: Saturday, 21 January 2017 12:17 PM

Jan 20, 2017

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