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Good day, I just want to complain regarding your CSR who accepted our requests. Last Saturday, September 16, 2017, the Account Owner, requested to upgrade our plan from Plan1599 with upto 5mbps and 60gb data to Plan1599 with upto 10mbps and 400gb data. September 17, 2017, when we follow up our request, the CSR told us that, it is not available in our area that is why, she offered us the Plan1299 with upto 5mbps and 300gb data and we accepted that offer and she told us that we should monitor our internet speed within 24hrs. September 18, 2017, we follow up again and the CSR told us that, it is still in progress. Then, he requested the CSR to authorize his son on his behalf. Then, after another 24hrs, we follow up again our request and still in progress. But when we follow up again after few hours, the CSR told us that, the CSR who accepted our request for Plan1299 did not close our first request, which is the Plan1599. And the other CSR who accepted his request regarding his authorizing his son, she encoded the wrong person whom we didn't know. His son is authorized in behalf of an unknown person.

Sep 18, 2017

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