Globe Telecom8888 superunli25 and unlitxt20

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I go for SUPERUNLI25 but last April 18, I registered unlitxt20 because it's so hard to reg the former and the following day same time, it expired. I received a text notice from 8888 that my unlitxt20 had expired. I then tried to register SUPERULI25 and this is what I always get from 8888 and it's April 20 already;
"Sorry, ikaw ay naka-subscribe sa isang service na hindi pwedeng gamitin kasabay ng Globe SUPER-UNLI. Hintayin na mag-expire ito so you can register to SUPER-UNLI."
I checked my balance, texted someone, checked my balance again and my load was deducted so how can 8888 say I"m still registered to UNLITXT20?
Is this Globe's one way of lessening SUPERUNLI25 users? Will I be able to register SUPERUNLI25 again?

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  • Jr
      Apr 23, 2011

    dude, i have the same problem with you. my unlitxt20 expired, and so i registered again, but i received a message from 8888 saying that i am still registered to their unlitxt. i texted STOP to 8888. but 8888 replied that i am not registered to any of their unli services. what the ###?! i tried texting but my regular load was comsumed. what the hell is the problem

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  • Pu
      May 06, 2011

    taenang globe yan ganun din sa kin. kung pwedeng pakulam lang mga engot na ayaw ayusin ito ginawa ko na.

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  • Ly
      Jul 30, 2011

    I can't access my prepaid number in UNLITXT20 . 8888 seldom texts me this " Your number has been detected in sending to many texts etc." Why is that ? And my regular 20php load is now gone ! WTH . I just wasted my money . Please fix this ASAP.

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  • De
      Oct 21, 2012

    Beware of the POWERSURF 50 also to 8888 it promised one day of unlimited surf time but if you reached 80MB, the system will tell you that you reached the maximum usage, and you can try again the next day. This is a very deceiving service Globe has. Lesson learn do not trust globe for your internet connection they will always screw you over.

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  • Ca
      Oct 21, 2015

    Ako naman nag register ako gounli50 tapos di pa nag eexpire hanggang ngayon I cant call na but still can text . Kahit wala ako load I can text one week na di pa mag eexpire di ako maka unli ng kahit ano pero unli text ma ko forever

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