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Globe Telecom sells a variety of internet packages. Several of these packages are advertised as being 'Unlimited'. The adverts lead customers to believe that they will recieve unlimited internet access (data transfer) for set periods of time, in return for their payment.

However, Globe has a (very hidden) policy which actually sets strict limits on the data usage allowed to customers. This policy is the 'Fair Use Policy'. It unilaterally sets an 'average' data consumption limit for customers. If customers exceed this limit, then they are deemed to be "abusing" their contract and their package is suspended.

One example is the Globe Tattoo Broadband, on pre-pay. This is advertised as being "unlimited" broadband access. The customer pays based on the amount of time that they remain connected and using the broadband internet.

However, the Fair Use Policy actually limits pre-pay Tattoo customers to a maximum of 1 Gb (gigabyte) of date use per day. This is not made clear to customers at any time when they purchase their Tattoo usb stick or buy load/credit to use that service.

When a customer exceeds that 1GB limit, then their SIM card is blocked from internet access for 24 hours. Again, they are not warned that this can or will happen in advance.

To put this data limit (1GB) into perspective... the advertised maximum speed of Globe Tattoo Broadband is 3Mb per second. This means that, at full speed, the user will exhaust their data usage (1Gb = 1024 Mb) within 6 minutes!!!

How can it be legal the Globe advertises and charges for "UNLIMITED" internet, when in fact, the maximum daily useage at advertised speed is a pathetic 6 minutes per 24 hours?????

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  • 3g
      Oct 04, 2010

    that's is a big BS
    what is UNLIMITED for if you have a limit?

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  • Ak
      Oct 16, 2010

    yeah, the "fair use policy" isn't fair at all..!

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