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Hi, we have postpaid plan and we have been charge for the past three months of local data charges of which we didnt use. We complained it last month in Robinsons Manila branch that we were charged for local data charges for 2months but we didnt use them, not only that the report didnt have any results but we were still charged for another use of local data. My brother reported it again and asked what these charges were for, your representatives didnt know it either and said that the charges cannot be refunded because it is beyond the contestability period. But please take into consideration that we reported it before the contestability period, its just that no results happened which was dependent on your part.

This is what i messaged to globe facebook and their contact us page on their website

Nov 01, 2014
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  • Ja
      Nov 20, 2014

    bakit yung billing account ko hnd k mabuksan, eh ngyon klng gustong bukasan para i print k, bkt may passwird cya.

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  • Sh
      Jan 13, 2015

    globe = bad service. we had 1 week of no internet and voice. we reported it hoping to get a fair rebate. for 1 week of no service we only had 60 pesos rebate.

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  • Go
      Jan 24, 2015

    Any info regarding this complaint? I'm having the same problem since December and January Globe Billing.

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  • Fl
      Sep 09, 2015

    I am very dissatisfied about GLOBE. My contract period only until the end of June 2015. First, when my handset was given to me, I activated it when I got home as per the agent's instruction (June 30, 2013). Then after the billing period which was assigned to me (1st-30th of the month), a bill arrived and Globe charged me 1-month equivalent of my plan because of the account activation even though it's just 1 day or 1 hour before the midnight of July 1! When in fact, I did not choose that billing period and no one advised me regarding their damn pro-rated rule! Second, my plan was only until June 30, 2015 but they keep on charging me even though I no longer used my phone since July. GLOBE TELECOM IS A COMPLETE CRAP!!! Now, I sent them an e-mail and they are requesting for termination explanation, hindi pa ba sapat na walang kwenta ang services nyo???! You're only after the money you're collecting from your subscribers!

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  • Cu
      May 04, 2016

    as i have problems using adsl from globe i have requested refund/billing adjustment. According to the after sales departement customer must wait 2 billing periods before the billing adjustment will be implemented. I do not agree with this, Globe should implement a faster billing adjustment so that customers do not have to wait so long...

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