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I have detected huge scam on Globe bills. They will decieve you first and sign. When they say free calls dont just take it to be correct. All Post paid user should scan their bills thoroughly. I am going to the media to unviel thier true colours.


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  • Dw
      17th of Apr, 2012

    Hi Guys,

    I strongly agree I was charged 10, 000 (Solely for Internet) never used that so often for the span of 7 days from cut off, that was April 17, 2012. And so I called the CS however they cannot provide any explanation the same date. So the next day April 18, 2012 I was stunned to know that my internet charges zoom to 38, 000 without even using it. And the amazing side is that they cannot explain why.


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  • So
      7th of Oct, 2012

    i experienced it too, in an expand of 10 days my bill blotted from 999+ to 17, 000+ and two days after 36, 000+. after the sun rose, my bill went to 54, 000+. all because of net usage. how can that be since i am connecting in our wifi?

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  • Sp
      8th of Oct, 2012

    It happening to me right now too. Yesterday, GLOBE sent a message telling me that my running balance is 3k and then we called their customer service a few minutes after I received the text. The customer service rep said that it's now 4k because of internet charges. I actually turned my unit off and then when I opened it again the next day a text message came in and said that my running balance in now 5K+. I was really fuming mad and went to GLOBE and complained. I showed them my phone (xperia) . The good thing about xperia is that it tells you that you have to "enable background settings " to access your mails which shows that my phone's internet setting is turned off. I even turned off the phone the WHOLE DAY but they saw in their system that my Internet was switched "ON" the whole day and it is because of my sim. I have to wait for my cut off and the bill so that I can have adjustments made to my bill. What I don't understand is that my plan has a credit limit of 5k and yet it still managed to exceed 5k. GLOBE should have warned the consumer before the bill exceeded half its credit limit as mandated by NTC but I only received the warning when it was already way above the 50%. credit limit. The worst thing about this is that when we called customer service, it shows that I only surfed for 23 minutes from Sept 8 to today. I have wifi at home so there absolutely no point why I have to use that much internet on phone. I'm really gonna shift to smart soon.

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  • Gl
      28th of Oct, 2012

    i just called globe, Experiencing the same problem... still working on it, and always calling them. since i am monitoring my account. i already vent so much today on Globe, that i can't even share my experience, maybe some other time. still frustrated.

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